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  • Hello, guys.

  • Let's have a spelling test.

  • I'm gonna tell you two words

  • and I want you to tell me about their spelling.

  • The first word is 'choose'.

  • Now what's the correct spelling?

  • Number one?

  • Number two?

  • Or number three?

  • hmm

  • Second word now.

  • 'lose'

  • Again, what's the correct spelling?

  • Got it?

  • Okay. well.

  • The answer the correct answer was number two in both cases.

  • If you got that wrong, please keep watching.

  • Hello, guys. My name is [email protected]nny .

  • And in this video we're gonna focus on two verbs:

  • 'choose' and 'lose'.

  • Now let's have a look and a few sentences.

  • First, I made my choice.

  • I choose spaghetti.

  • Now the verb 'choose' as you know,

  • .... and means making a choice.

  • And the spelling is with double-o. Okay?

  • There are two O's in the verb 'choose' - present tense.

  • 'I chose pasta, yesterday.'

  • Now the difference is now it's past tense.

  • And the verb in its past form only has one 'o' and it's pronounced 'chose'.

  • Okay, so 'choose' - present tense.

  • 'chose' - past tense.

  • But then if we take the second sentence and we say,

  • I try not to...

  • ... and I suppose you're gonna tell me 'Loes' because there's only one 'o'.

  • Well, no guys.

  • I'm sorry English pronunciation is really hard,

  • but the sound is the same as 'choose '.

  • Okay, 'I try not to lose anything when I travel'.

  • So there's only one 'o' but it's pronounced lose.

  • 'But I lost my wallet when I went to Egypt'.

  • This is the past form of 'lose' - 'lost'.

  • Okay so try and remember -

  • 'choose' 'chose'

  • So two 'O's - one 'O'.

  • And 'lose' - 'lost'.

  • With only one 'O'.

  • Okay I hope this is clear.

  • Let's now go back to our spelling test.

  • Okay guys I know you're gonna do better this time.

  • So my first verb is 'choose'.

  • What's the correct spelling?

  • Number one? Number two? Or number three?

  • It's number one of course .

  • And the second verb is 'lose'.

  • What's the correct spelling?

  • Yes good it's number three.

  • I'm sure you had the right answers.

  • Thank you guys for watching the video.

  • I hope it has helped you and see you in the next videos.

  • Thank you guys for watching my video.

  • I hope you liked it. And if you did please show us your support.

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  • See you.

Hello, guys.

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Choose vs Lose | Common English Grammar Mistakes

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