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  • Hey guys, so this is my last night in Japan. Tomorrow morning I'm going home for about six days..

  • Umm right now I have finished my packing..

  • I basically have two suitcases

  • This one about 18 kilograms and that one that is about 8 kilograms

  • And of course, I have my bag here, yeah, my notebook that I'm going to put in the bag

  • Umm... So yeah, see you in the morning

  • The last vending machine I see in Japan

  • With Pocari Sweat (very famous Japanese sports drink)

  • So I've just arrived to Tokyo, I'm gonna wait here three hours before my next flight to Munich

  • Basically, what I need to do right now is claim my suitcases

  • ..and then transfer them to an international flight to Prague

  • Alright, so what I was told is that I don't have to transfer my luggage

  • that it goes directly to Prague which is.. which is awesome that saves me a lot of time..

  • and also.. ehh while I'm still in Japan

  • I would like to say something in Japanese to my Japanese friends to my classmates and to my host families

  • Yeah, that would have been a great idea. If you didn't do such stupid beginner mistakes

  • I've just seen all the mistakes while editing, so I'm sorry for my very poor Japanese in this video

  • Alright guys, so I arrived to Prague now I'm here with my family with my sister, my parents

  • Umm... we're gonna go take some food

  • Probably some fast food or something.

  • I think this is the first time my family...

  • *thinks about his life choices*

  • .. can see me vlogging which is uhh... interesting experience, but you know

  • So yeah, we're gonna go eat some.. some food

  • and then I'm gonna go sleep aaandd

  • In the morning, I have to wake up early because we have to go to the Chinese Embassy to fill some papers

  • Which is gonna be hella anoying but.. yeah, what can I do?

  • *rapping like Sova (the best hip-hop artist in the game)*

  • I was in the Czech Republic for about six days.. and even though that's a short amount of time, I had fun

  • but then my travels continued, I went back to Asia...

  • this time to China for ten months and that's what all of you guys will see in the next vlog...

Hey guys, so this is my last night in Japan. Tomorrow morning I'm going home for about six days..

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