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  • hi it's Jennifer from Tarle speech had another request and the word is epidemic

  • and that is a widespread outbreak of an infectious disease so here is our word

  • epidemic let's think about the syllables of this word today so we have the schwa

  • syllable here the uh this really throws a lot of people off many of my students

  • when they see that I in the middle of the word they always say e and often we

  • do pronounce that as the schwa sound the uh sound that's a very relaxed very

  • short vowel just want to start with ep and to do this your mouth is slightly

  • open it's more open than the e or the ih sound it's the eh you should see the tip of

  • your tongue between your teeth and then we're going to move to that P sound

  • p p ep ep then we're going to link and add that up eppa eppa and then switch to

  • them touch the tip of the tongue to the back of the top front teeth you know how

  • to do that eh look for that tongue in the middle your open mouth and then close

  • your lips for the M mmm air moves out of your nose and then end with the ik again

  • your mouth is a little more closed for the short I sound than it is for that eh

  • sound in dem it's a little more closed and then end with that K eppa Demick

  • epidemic epidemic epidemic epidemic epidemic epidemic and now for a sentence

  • in 1918 there was a worldwide flu epidemic give it a try I know people are

  • going to notice the difference if you found this helpful please share us with

  • your friends and give us a like don't forget to subscribe and thank you for

  • all of your requests for a little miniseries I hope you are all well and

  • I'll see you again soon

hi it's Jennifer from Tarle speech had another request and the word is epidemic

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