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  • Known as Japan's second largest metropolitan area after Tokyo, Osaka has been one of the

  • most important urban areas since Japan's early history.

  • Divided into 2 main city centers known as Kita (or Umeda in the North), and Minami down

  • South, Osaka offers many shopping and dining experiences.

  • The Umeda district, is not only Osaka's biggest transportation hub, but it also has

  • a huge abundance of attractions in a relatively small area, such as shopping malls, restaurants,

  • a ferris wheel, entertainment and panoramic views of the city.

  • With Osaka and Umeda stations at its center, and only one hour from Kansai International

  • Airport by train, Umeda is one of the best districts to head to for a day

  • of amusement and shopping.

  • There are a dizzying number of shops and restaurants in the area, however, if you need a place

  • to start, here are our recommended shopping spots and fun things to do in Osaka-Umeda.

  • There are lots of malls and attractions in the Osaka-Umeda area namely but not limited

  • to: GRAND FRONT OSAKA, HANKYU SANBAN GAI, NU Chayamachi and Chayamachi Plus, HEP FIVE,

  • DIAMOR OSAKA, HERBIS PLAZA and Umeda Sky Building.

  • Today we're going to check out some of the fun things to do at these places

  • during your stay in Umeda.

  • Made in Japan shopping

  • For those looking for uniquely local products,

  • Onitsuka Tiger is a well-known sneaker brand that has fans from all over the world.

  • Their Made in Japan and Nippon Made range of sneakers make for fashionable souvenirs

  • and are comfortable for walking in the city (especially while on holiday!).

  • We visited the brand's showroom on street level at Nu Chayamachi to browse through their

  • selection of sneakers including some Japan-specific ones.

  • They were all beautiful but the Kabuki inspired one definitely caught our eye.

  • Cafe Hopping

  • The Pompompurin Cafe in HANKYU SANBAN GAI is

  • one of four cafes in Japan to get your cutesy cafe fix of the Pompompurin character.

  • Everything is made to look like the yellow mascot, including the food, drinks and furniture.

  • We went for a delicious Omu-rice dish (or Japanese style omelet), accompanied with a

  • strawberry yoghurt shake, and for dessert a custard pudding on top of ice-cream, corn

  • flakes and whip-cream.

  • Talk about calorie heaven!

  • The cafe also sells goods and plush toys, if you want to take some of the cuteness back home.

  • Taking the Ferris wheel

  • The HEP FIVE shopping mall, located only 5 minutes

  • away from Osaka Station, is immediately identifiable, with its flashy red signage, its giant red

  • whale floating in its main hall and its 106 meter tall ferris wheel.

  • A ride on the ferris wheel takes around 15 minutes and will allow you to enjoy stunning

  • panoramic views of the city, with explanations on the windows to understand what are some

  • of the buildings around the area.

  • If you look closely you can even spot Osaka Castle!

  • Pamper yourself.

  • Looking to pamper yourself and experience what a Japanese beauty parlor is like?

  • On the 6th floor of the HERBIS PLAZA is the SHISEIDO SALON&SPA, where you can experience

  • a high-end treatment service.

  • A basic relaxing hair treatment itself takes about 15 minutes with further add-on options,

  • and the entire process takes around an hour including blow-drying.

  • The whole experience will leave you feeling refreshed and like a different person.

  • Appointments are recommended and appreciated as space is limited.

  • Dining and eating sashimi

  • The Umeda district is not only great for shopping,

  • it also offers great lunch and dining experiences.

  • The impressive GRAND FRONT OSAKA complex has a variety of nice restaurants on its top floors,

  • especially if you are looking to eat some delicious fresh seafood.

  • Ginpei is a cosy restaurant which offers great options to try out exquisite slices of sashimi

  • for a reasonable price.

  • Food souvenir shopping

  • A great place for Japanese food souvenir shopping,

  • is the Kuzefuku Shoten that style themselves asthe Japanese gourmet store”.

  • Located in the DIAMOR shopping mall, the shop sells a wide variety of Japanese products,

  • foods, sauces, sake, as well as traditional snacks, such as these fish bones.

  • The shop also sells donuts with traditional Japanese flavors such as tofu, kinako, green

  • tea and more.

  • Finally to end a day of shopping, we recommend

  • checking out the Kuchu Teien Observatory, on the top floor of the Umeda Sky Building,

  • one of the landmarks of the Umeda District.

  • To access it, you go on a spectacular escalator which goes in between the two towers that

  • make the Umeda Sky Building.

  • The observatory offers absolutely stunning panoramic views of the city, especially when

  • the city lights come up just as the sun disappears in the horizon at sunset.

  • These are just a sample of the activities you can do in the many shopping malls and

  • department stores that constitute the Umeda district.

  • I hope that this video has sparked some ideas, should you visit Umeda on your trip to Osaka.

  • For more information about the Umeda district, or to watch another video, click the links

  • on the screen now, or head over to, your comprehensive up to date travel guide,

  • first hand from Japan.

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  • about Japan.

  • Happy travels.

Known as Japan's second largest metropolitan area after Tokyo, Osaka has been one of the

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