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  • now as we've got Jamie and Graham with us, a thought would follow up with the story by Paul Joyce in The Times on Liverpool and what they do next.

  • What is The next step for Liverpool might sound or not thing to say, but it's probably clear that city need a center back.

  • Chelsea need a center forward.

  • I also need at least two or three say for Manchester United.

  • But Paul, in his piece specially asked to quit key questions about Liverpool one.

  • How badly did they need reinforcements and to given the current crisis, what we're living through?

  • What can they now spend to put that to you first, Jamie that the first question.

  • What should they do?

  • How the livable take the next step forward?

  • Well, I think if you look at the 11 I think it's very difficult to improve that.

  • Really.

  • You can always improve what I'm talking about actual realistic targets to come into the team.

  • I mean, I had this discussion and debate last season.

  • Stream agreed.

  • Some did know Liverpool Times how to spend big money but actually over the team Jurgen Klopp has got.

  • I think Liverpool only signed them enemy over seven million in the last three or four transfer Windows.

  • Richardson going when you actually look at the actual team in the squad they have on the pitch, I actually felt Liverpool did need reinforcements and again that may sound strange, but I just feel as if this team has been together now for three or four years, almost being getting built from the first Champions League final that Liverpool lost to damage it.

  • It's very similar from 12.

  • Really.

  • The front sex hasn't changed for about two or three years now.

  • That doesn't mean it should change as we've seen how well they're playing both.

  • I just think there should be something more in certainly and easy If I would say for the front.

  • I think Liverpool have been lucky in that.

  • The best players and most important players for Juergen Klopp.

  • I've never really suffered injury wise, certainly big injuries.

  • You think the front three, certainly the two full backs on possibly vigil Bandai there on that team.

  • She's every week and I just think Can the bay no greater competition but MAWR backup If something happened, I think secretly, with Robertson at left back, he's the only real recognized lashed back at the club.

  • I think trend is a young blood coming through Niko Williams.

  • You crops given ago.

  • I think he is now shown he is good enough to be is is back or ordered replacement the visible out injured.

  • But I just think Liverpool need more than D Bakary G to back or one of the front 31 that I want.

  • And hence why Liverpool of being linked with a team or Vienna?

  • Really?

  • So I wouldn't be surprised.

  • And I actually think of appeal.

  • Do we need to invest two way to keep them where the our grammar and all that better than anyone being in those positions with Liverpool, but certainly for May.

  • A strong understood the Andy Robertson Andi, once a big name striker, but certainly someone who's really gonna push that front.

  • Three guys that from three.

  • Now we're all getting to that age way.

  • 28 29 30 and an attack player.

now as we've got Jamie and Graham with us, a thought would follow up with the story by Paul Joyce in The Times on Liverpool and what they do next.

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