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  • for the first time in the US the Corona viruses affecting the four legged members of our families.

  • The CDC, announcing on Wednesday that cats in two separate homes in New York state have tested positive for Cove in 19 the cap presented with symptoms of upper respiratory infection.

  • So sneezing, coughing, watery nose, nasal discharge and I discharged and lethargy in this case, the cat's owner testing positive two.

  • But in the second case, none of the human members of the family have tested positive.

  • So how did happen?

  • There's possibly an increased risk if they were an indoor outdoor cats, so they were exposed to the outside environments to other people.

  • The good news The cats that I have been dealing with is completely back to normal health on it was just sick, with some mild symptoms for a few days and Dr Fauci saying pet owners don't need to panic.

  • There's no evidence that the virus is transmitted from a pit to do a human.

  • Now, obviously, is that impossible?

  • I mean, biologically, you know anything is possible.

  • So the CDC issuing recommendations for keeping your family safe for babies included, don't let pets interact with people from outside households.

  • Keep your pets indoors, maintain social distancing while going on walks, and avoid dog parks or public places.

  • All of this coming as more big cats have tested positive for Corona virus, the Bronx Zoo, announcing seven positive cases in four more tigers and three lions.

  • The zoo saying in a statement.

  • We tested the Tigers and lions out of an abundance of caution, adding, All eight cats continued to do well.

  • They're behaving normally eating well and they're coughing is greatly reduced.

  • A couple things to remember here.

  • The tests used on animals are not the same as the human tests, so they're not taking resource is away from human patients.

  • Other silver linings, though all animal cases seem to be more mild, and all these felines are expected to make full recoveries.

  • You guys just fascinating there again.

  • Thank you for those CDC recommendations as well, because people need to protect the pets as well, right?

  • A lot of people breathing a sigh of relief, though, that right now there's no evidence of that.

  • I got to protect the kiddies.

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for the first time in the US the Corona viruses affecting the four legged members of our families.

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