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  • s o.

  • Obviously.

  • You know, you're very in love, but this is different, you know, spending this much time together.

  • Is that the house going?

  • Is everything still rosy in the garden?

  • Yeah, we're wonderful.

  • Were super fortunate.

  • And, um, you know, he's doing his puzzles, and I'm doing a lot of cooking and we're reading, and we're catching up on television, and I just want Teoh.

  • Wow, this is one of my finished puzzles.

  • Indelibly.

  • You see, it's actually framed because I framed them all.

  • Wait a minute, Patrick.

  • Is that a jigsaw?

  • That was a jigsaw puzzle.

  • And right here is one I've just finished and I've got to be so careful because it's loose that this is a Frank Stella painting done as a jigsaw puzzle there.

  • How long did that take you?

  • This took weeks.

  • It was very challenging because it's an abstract piece, you know, and that's that's what I spend a significant amount of each day doing on.

  • By the way, yours and my friend Hugh Jackman, we both got a mention in the Saturday's business edition of The New York Times as jigsaw puzzlers.

  • Wow, Sunny, do you buy those jigsaws for him?

  • what I love about Patrick.

  • It's his modesty, you know, Um ah.

  • Oh.

  • Warm hearts all over the United Kingdom.

  • The last time I did that, you know, show I was kissing in McAllen.

  • If I recall, I think he's your past.

  • You're allowed.

s o.

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Patrick Stewart is a next level INSANE puzzle wizard! @The Graham Norton Show - BBC

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