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  • Hi, this is CS 50.

  • I'm Jessica here with my name is Tiger.

  • Okay?

  • And they're going to show us a demo of their projects.

  • So can you show us a little bit?

  • Something Absolutely so initially we decided to make a two d application of a simple game Well of a simple game and what you essentially Europea set and you goes to avoid Facebook and Instagram logos.

  • You avoid the logos because you need to get your homework done.

  • And these air distractions and distractions are bad.

  • How are you?

  • This game was a little too easy to code, so we decided tow, you know, pump it up a little bit.

  • And so way tried making a three D game because of time constraints.

  • It turned into a three D experience instead.

  • So if you go look to hear if I re launched it, you would be able to see a platform detection node that would say OK, place the piece that here, for convenience, I've already pre placed a piece set.

  • It's a national virtual object laying on the table, and it will stay there.

  • But if you look up every four seconds, you see a social media app randomly generated up here now seems overwhelming for now because I've let it run for quite a while, Disrespect.

  • But you gotta get him away.

  • So you pushed focus and the launches a lightbulb at them allowing you thio stay focused in a peace that and avoid distractions.

  • And this is a piece of protector.

  • That's really awesome.

  • Unimpressive.

  • Like, did you guys have any experience with anything like this before doing CS 50?

  • No, no, not none whatsoever.

  • We found Swift to be an extremely challenging programming language, but But it was fun.

  • So, you know, three months ago, could you imagine that you created something like this?

  • You know, I've actually always wanted to work with a R v e r.

  • But I annoyed you how to start, and I even knowing all that CSU would cover, I could imagine that be able to make something like this by the end.

  • That's really awesome.

  • What was the most exciting part about programming this going through the process?

  • I probably say the most exciting part was this the constant, incremental steps that we made like we would, you know, code something wouldn't work.

  • It wouldn't work.

  • It wouldn't work, it wouldn't work and then eventually would have something very basic shops.

  • Just every single one of those little basic experiences I thought was fantastic.

  • Yeah, that's it's so awesome.

  • Really cool.

  • I'm really impressed.

  • So thank you for showing your demo.

  • Um, I'm Yeah.

  • Thank you.

  • I'm Jessica, and this is CS 50.

Hi, this is CS 50.

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