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  • picture perfect visas once lost to pollution.

  • Now, with the world on lock down coming back into view, this the Himalayas, visible 100 miles away in India for the first time in decades.

  • Street Sydney Deli when some of the most polluted in the world but with Indians forced to stay inside, there's clear roads and clear skies as planes, trains and automobiles come largely to a standstill across the world.

  • The's satellite images show pollution reduced to in the epicenters of China and Italy.

  • Air pollution levels in major cities have been cut dramatically, down 29%.

  • In Los Angeles, a reduction of 38% in Sydney on pollution in Paris has nearly halved.

  • One analysis suggests carbon dioxide emissions will be cooked by two billion tons because of the virus accursed of more than 5% on last year, the largest annual fall on record.

  • They're when we're out of the lock down period, people will think.

  • Actually, some of that wasn't so bad.

  • I'd really rather keep it.

  • Of course I'm a little go back, but this is a This is a moment of change, and I don't think we're going to go back to completely business as usual after after this prices was over.

  • But while business as usual is paused, nature is restoring to see life now visible in the usually churned up canals of Venice.

  • 100 no taken over by goats in the absence of humans on on the deserted streets of northern Italy, a bear windows round.

  • But when this is all over, well, we just return to this as the next cop climate conferences postponed and governments around the world try and resuscitate there.

  • Flailing economies.

  • There's a fear, the environment, the other global crisis will once again fall victim.

  • I think there are a lot of similarities between the coronavirus prices.

  • In a sense, the clinic processes that is the virus in slow motion.

  • But you know, both areas where it has been long warning signals that this sort of event is gonna happen.

  • Both seem to appear out of nowhere, But actually they're immensely predictable and predicted, and in both cases, you know, if you don't listen to scientists on the academic community, you're gonna be in trouble.

  • Aziz.

  • The world deals with the pandemic.

  • Nature is healing, but it took something as catastrophic as Corona virus to finally make a dent in fixing the other biggest challenge of our lifetime.

picture perfect visas once lost to pollution.

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What will come first after coronavirus: climate or economy?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/04/23
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