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  • now this is the demo for Junior Mafia.

  • I think, actually, Biggie gave me this time Big lives around the corner.

  • He was trying to be a rapper.

  • I was trying to be a rapping, and our person we were all trying to be something.

  • Drew was a young, powerful something who cares so much about this music.

  • So when Def Jam called me was like Russell, Simmons wants to offer you the job as director of an R at Def Jam.

  • I could not have scripted it better.

  • That's woman, beautiful things about the music industry.

  • There was a lot of mobility for women, but at the same time there was tremendous amount of sexual harassment.

  • You didn't get a lot of sympathy for that.

  • That was considered the price of admission.

  • I didn't tell that many people about what happened with Russell.

  • He just grabbed me.

  • He just grabbed me and I'm saying No, I was reduced to nothing in that moment.

  • Nothing about anything that makes me who I am mattered Master, Do you want to go to the police?

  • She was like, No one's going to take me seriously.

  • Who's gonna believe me?

  • If white women I'll not believe.

  • What do you think has happened?

  • So black women in America.

  • When we come forward with stories about sexual violence, I don't have a stitch of violence.

  • I would never hurt him.

  • You're worried as a black woman.

  • Did you'll say something that will have consequences that you hadn't anticipated?

  • He's the king of about black community, will hate my guts.

  • I don't wanna let the culture down left the culture.

  • It's a terrible burden to there to know that you might still be judged as somehow being a traitor.

  • The New York Times probably even said there were other women that they will go on the record unless I go on the record.

  • But I'm terrified of the backlash.

  • We need to be able to make sure that a broader group of women are introduced into the public consciousness.

  • This is so emblematic of what happens to women routinely.

  • There's a loss for all of us.

  • It really, really is.

  • I've been alone for 22 years.

  • I thought it was just me to go through the assault and then the coming forward.

  • Everybody was taught things happened.

  • You just didn't talk about it.

  • And so I just always put on this front.

  • Every woman's story deserves to be heard.

  • I've been a victim for 22 years.

  • I'm tired of being a victim.

now this is the demo for Junior Mafia.

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