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Hi everybody!
How are you doing these days?
You guys are busy cooking every day? That's cool!
Home cooking food is the best!
Today I'm going to introduce you to
a Korean street snack cheese-tteok-kkochi
Grilled cheese and rice cake skewers
How does it sound?
Grilled cheese, everybody loves grilled cheese.
But instead of bread we use rice cake.
When I visited Korea a couple of years ago
I stopped by Myeongdong in Seoul.
I used to go all the time when I lived in Korea
So I'm so curious about Korean street snacks
And among all the Korean street food this one got all my attention.
She was making it in front of me.
And I could see everything was so easy!
But it tasted amazingly good!
Chewy rice cake - You know I love chewy rice cake
Really melting cheese is such a good combination
When She just drizzled sweet condensed milk over top. Really amazing!
When I came back home I tried to make this
I tried a different version, I tried cheddar cheese
Cheddar cheese didn't work well
Because it turned out too salty and also the cheese is too melted, it flattened.
(laughs) I didn't like it at all.
So I found a really easy way you can make it at home and it tasted exactly the same.
Mozzarella string cheese!
Like this - you can find this string cheese all the time.
And we add rice cake, the rice cake is from when you make Korean spicy rice cake
Spicy tteokbokki. I use this kind of rice cake.
Long and thin cylinder shaped rice cake.
You can buy this at a Korean grocery store so easily!
Sometimes they sell this freshly made.
Or sometimes they sell this in the freezer.
But if you cannot find it, I already have a recipe for it.
You can check out my recipe how to make Korean cylinder shaped rice cake.
So I like to separate this rice cake.
And... you see...
And then blanch in the boiling water.
Until it's smooth.
So if your rice cake is really hard blanch for 2 minutes.
This one is a little soft, so will just blanch for 1 minute only.
So now the rice cake is soft enough. Turn off.
And this is my cold water.
Let's take them out.
And dry out in paper towels.
So this is 6 inches.
6 inches long. I'm going to cut them in half.
8 rice cake pieces. Each one is 3 inches.
So I like to make the all the same size.
Mozzarella cheese. String cheese.
So this size is rice cake size.
I have to cut it.
So we have this cheese left over.
You can make grilled cheese with bread later.
Rice cake is sticky so I put some cold water here.
First, rice cake, and cheese...
3 inches, everything is 3 inches.
And rice cake...
And cheese.
And rice cake.
Already looks good, doesn't it? Pretty!
And cheese, and rice cake.
So I think that you guys can make this, it's up to you.
Just this is so pretty, rice cake 1, 2, 3, 4.
Cheese 3.
So this size and thickness is almost the same but cheese is a little thicker.
And then your skewer...
In the center, exactly the center, beautifully we have to poke.
Like this.
So, same thing.
This one too.
First, rice cake.
Cheese, rice cake
One cheese left over! (laughs)
Next, let's cook!
You need a thick skillet, a nonstick skillet.
And I'm going to heat it up.
And then I'm going to cook this over very low heat.
Medium low. If this is too hot, cheese and rice cake cooking time is different.
So the cheese turns too brown.
I imagine that you guys are my customers. And I'm a street vendor.
So I'm just making this in front of you.
All my passion is going inside!
So that I can make money from you! (laughs)
And just one tablespoon for 2 skewers.
Now my skillet is hot.
I will just turn down the heat to medium low.
And add butter.
And add this rice cake skwers.
So this one, when you cook this you should not move them around.
When you move them around the cheese will melt.
For a nice shape, just keep this here.
And let's turn it over.
I cooked for around 1 minute.
Light golden brown.
Very good!
When it's cooked, I told you they use sweet condensed milk.
She asked me if I wanted some or not.
Of course I wanted some!
See, the rice cake is a little crunchy, cheese is well melted.
Ok, and this one is done.
This cup is too small so I brought my large cup. They serve this in paper cups.
And like this.
Looks so good, doesn't it?
I put this condensed milk into my squeeze bottle.
As much as you want!
That's it! Let me taste it! Ok!
So good! Mmm!
That combination of a little salty, and sweetness, from the condensed milk
And also chewy rice cake, cheesy melted mozzarella cheese
Just these 3 guys are well combined
That creates the taste of an amazing Korean street snack.
It'll be a nice and beautiful breakfast.
And easy to make!
Why not?
So today we made cheese-tteok-kkochi.
Grilled cheese and rice cake skewers.
Enjoy my recipe. See you next time!
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Grilled Cheese & Rice Cake Skewers (Cheese-tteok-kkochi: 치즈떡꼬치)

37 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 23, 2020
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