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Alright guys so far we have shown you conveyor belt sushi (Kaiten-zushi - 回転寿司) but
today we're going to take you to bullet train sushi (魚べい) . The premise is basically
the same.
The sushi comes out on a conveyor belt but at top speed.
So basically we're going to have these little screens in front of us.
We can select the type of sushi we want and then it is going to come flying our way and
stop right in front of us and we can feast like kings and queens so let's go.
And we've got Rob again to join us.
Exciting times.
I'm looking forward to it.
I've done a lot of conveyor belt sushi.
But this whole bullet train sushi is something different.
New experience for us.
Anything with sushi is good.
It'll be great man.
So we've just been given our numbers.
We are 70, 71, 72.
So we are now inside the bullet train sushi restaurant.
We are soaking wet.
We got rained on hard.
But I feel like sushi is going to make this better.
Alright so this is the setup we have.
A little tablet in front of us with a menu and then we also have a menu up here with
lots of pictures.
Great for foreigners and up top we have our tea cups, our little bowls for soy sauce and
also take-away boxes.
So Sam is going to make some green tea for us.
So it is green tea powder.
You get it in this little jar.
And I believe that we put it here.
And I'm hoping this is the hot water.
Yeah it feels hot.
Can you see the steam coming?
There you go.
That is a slow pour.
That is how you make green tea.
At a sushi restaurant.
These are my favorites.
I'm going to get tuna and salmon and salmon and grilled salmon.
So those are going to be my first two orders.
So I have placed my order.
Now we wait.
And here on the side we have our chopsticks.
We have some napkins.
We have ginger, wasabi.
My food is here.
First order on the table.
Tuna and salmon and then double salmon.
This is the regular one and this one is grilled so you can see the skin is kind of crispy.
So yeah starting off with the classics.
Let's dig in.
One thing I've learned in Japan is that you are not supposed to drop the rice in the soy
You have to dip the fish but this is always very tricky because for me it ends up flopping
But anyways here we go.
First sushi here.
Is it good?
That is good.
I always go for salmon.
Yeah, that is my favorite.
It is a winner every time.
And I know this is wrong I'm grabbing the wasabi and mixing it in the soy sauce.
That is a big no no.
In Japan you are supposed to put the wasabi on the first itself but it is just a little
easier that way.
I'm trying to make it extra spicy but to give it more of a kick.
Just like the wasabi in there.
It is Sam's turn to order.
Oh my gosh there is so many to choose from.
Tuna tuna.
There is two different salmon sections.
Two different shrimp sections.
Oh there goes someone's sushi.
Oh my gosh options galore here.
What are you in the mood for?
You know what I'm going to go with a salted sardine one.
Oh that looks really cool.
Tell us about first order.
Check this out guys.
A beautiful trio so over here we have the sardines.
Um there is nothing special about that aside from the fact that it is a sardine.
Oh over here we have shrimp which comes with a generous portion of onions on top.
It is supposed to be a spicy salsa and then over her we've got salmon with more onions
and more mayo.
Lots of mayo on there.
That is very interesting.
So which one are you starting off with?
Uh, I think I'm going to try the sardines first.
Sardine time.
Time to try the sardine.
I don't know if I've ever had sardine sushi before.
I really can't remember if I have.
This is going to be really interesting.
Oh wow.
That is some super salty goodness.
It keeps getting saltier with every bite.
It is also quite juicy too.
I really like this one.
I would get it again.
It has a strong aftertaste.
The more you chew it in your mouth so it is definitely an interesting pick.
What else are you going to try there?
Okay next I'm going to try the shrimp with a little tail.
With a little tail.
Tail still attached.
Check out all of the onions on top of that.
It is supposed to be a spicy one so we'll see.
Oh wow.
Got the tail out just in time.
That is a sweet and spicy sauce.
It is really good.
I really like shrimp ones so that is one of my favorites.
And moving on last but not least I thought I would save probably my favorite one for
the end.
I love salmon so trying to get lots of that mayo but with onion.
But do you love mayo?
That is the question.
Well we'll see how that goes.
Should salmon have that much mayo on it?
That is debatable.
I would not order that one again.
The thing is drowning in mayo.
It actually overpowers the taste of the salmon and to me that is unacceptable.
Scrape it off.
I'm going to actually scrape it off literally.
Next time I'll order salmon with mayo for sure.
Okay so here on the menu I've discovered there is a ramen section and also an udon section.
So you can order soups with noodles.
And I had not had udon since we arrived in Japan so I think I'm going to go for this
Soft boiled egg and Mentaiko Udon.
Nice prices too.
Yeah, 280 Yen.
Super reasonable.
That is not bad.
The one to the left of it is only 150 Yen if you can believe that.
There is one with shrimp.
Tanuiki I don't know that that means.
You can get clams in the ramen section you can get special soy sauce ramen or another
one in a rich soup.
This looks like hot dandan noodles.
So yeah lots of side dishes which makes it fun.
Or you can go for plain miso but I'm doing Udon.
I'll get plain old miso.
Okay so when you get the soup you can play sushi roulette so let's see what happens.
See if you win.
Come on!
We've never one at any of these things.
And I'm starting to get skeptical if people actually ever win at them.
So we've been here for a little bit what are you first impressions?
This place is amazing.
I love how efficient it is.
It is also it has just got so many different things you can choose from.
It is a little weak in the roll department but it makes up for it in the fact that you
can get ramen and udon and all sorts of things.
Very reasonably priced.
It comes out fast.
It is a fun place.
Sam's miso is here.
I already had a sip when you weren't looking.
I didn't notice that.
Look at that.
My Udon.
My udon is here.
My udon is here.
If you want to check it out.
I just broke the egg.
It was a soft boiled egg.
Some crispy tempura bits and this I'm not entirely sure what this paste is.
It looks a bit fishy.
Um but yeah let's go for it.
Got some chives as well.
We'll just mix it all together and voila!
That is good.
Do you like it?
I've always had udon in soup.
So it is a bit strange for me having it served dry.
I do like it.
I like the crispy tempura bits in there.
I also like the egg.
I'm still not entirely sure what this orange paste is but I don't hate it.
Mystery orange paste.
Mystery orange paste in Japan.
It is good.
So I think this is going to be my last plate of sushi because those udon noodles were super
So if you take a closer look it is basically salmon with some chopped chives it seems but
this right here this is the spicy chili oil.
So I'm pretty excited about having some spice in my life.
Spice on my food.
Add some spice to your life.
Spice up your life.
What do you think?
That is really good.
It doesn't need wasabi because you get that kick from the oil.
I'm glad I tried it.
Alright guys so that was a wonderful lunch.
We've got stacks of plates and bowls.
And warm plates and cups.
So yeah we ate really well.
I'm stuffed.
It was so much fun coming to bullet train sushi.
I thought only conveyor belt sushi (Kaiten-zushi - 回転寿司) was a thing.
But seeing it fly past you to other people like that was really cool.
Yeah and there is a lot of people who are here enjoying lunch now.
So this place is very popular.
So this place is located in Shibuya (魚べい) and we'll put the details in the description
box if you also want to come visit.
It has been a really fun experience here in Tokyo so I would highly recommend it.
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Bullet Train Sushi in Tokyo, Japan | Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka

287 Folder Collection
周建丞 published on April 21, 2020
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