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I've developed a reputation as a man who came up the hard way.
You could say there's blood on these pretty white hands.
Sounds like quite an extreme accident.
Yeah, it was more like a death really.
There comes a point where the young succeed the old.
There will be blood and feathers everywhere my darling.
His name is phuc spelled with a PH so it sounds like Fuck.
So it's phuc?
What? Yeah, yeah, yeah something like that.
There's only one rule in this jungle.
When the lion's hungry,
he eats.
It's a tad dramatic, isn't it?
I forgot to wash my hands.
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The Gentlemen | "Hard Way" TV Commercial | Own it Now on Digital HD, Blu-ray & DVD 4/21

129 Folder Collection
Vera published on April 20, 2020    Vera translated    Evangeline reviewed
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