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- And sometimes when you get so close,
so close to your goal,
a lot of us, we just give up.
We quit when we are this close
to achieving that goal.
You see, success is on the razor's edge of failure.
When you think it couldn't get any worse,
when you think it couldn't be worse
than what you're going through right now,
when you think it couldn't be any tougher,
that's when a breakthrough happens.
Sometimes in life, you break down
before you break through.
You see, it's never a matter of lack of resources.
It's always a lack of resourcefulness,
that you're not creative enough,
that we are not creative enough,
that we don't think outside the box enough.
In business the best team wins, period,
because the best team,
doesn't matter what happens to the marketplace,
the economy, the product,
that they will find the solutions.
They will be resourceful,
and then they will always be able to solve problems
with the right team and the right culture.
You wanna think a few steps ahead
and solve problems before it comes up.
It's not about resources.
It's about becoming resourceful,
so taking extreme ownership in all things you do.
And I'll always believe how you do anything
is how you do everything,
not just at work,
but other things in your life as well.
So I want you to think about your business.
When you don't have the resources,
when you don't know somebody,
don't let that stop you.
How can you find that person?
If you get to meet that person,
it'll open up the door of possibility for you, right?
How can you befriend that person?
How can you add value to that person's life?
When you can do that,
when you can do that,
that is something that a lot of successful people do.
They just don't tell you.
I do the same thing,
is the example of don't take the stairs.
Find out where the elevator is,
and then take the elevator.
That's why I hate to hear,
it pisses me off when people say,
"I've tried everything."
No you fucking haven't.
There's always a way.
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When Nothing Seems To Be Going Your Way - WATCH THIS

39 Folder Collection
Ryan_XXF published on April 19, 2020
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