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Hey guys, it's Kim Dao here welcome back to my channel. I'm currently in Osaka
It's day number one, and I'm going to be doing a lot of sightseeing eating
I'm going to show you guys what I get up to for the next few days
I'll be traveling around the Kansai region, and I'm gonna take you guys with me sit back relax, and enjoy the beautiful city of Osaka
So we are just in front of Osakajo which is Osaka castle we're gonna go inside now
One of the most famous castles in Japan, Osaka Castle is conveniently located at Osaka-jokoen station
Currently on the very top floor Osaka castle and you can see a very beautiful 360-degree view of Osaka
Inside is a museum where you can learn the history of the castle the castle was originally built in
1586 on the Toyotomi Hideyoshi rule however in 1615 the castle was attacked and destroyed by a Tokugawa
Ieyasu the castle was rebuilt but got struck by lightning in
1665 and burnt down the osaka castle was rebuilt over many years and in 1997 it finally completed
We are going to go back to the train station now because we're going to head to Namba.
Now we are going to take the train to Shinsaibashi, which is a long shopping street in osaka
I'm gonna do it again
Here we are in the tombery which is very famous in Osaka for great food and nightlife
There is a lot of entertainment, and I really recommend you spent a couple of hours here
Just trying out on a different Japanese Street food
We took a quick subway ride to tennouji and are going to a banner Haruka's the tallest skyscraper
In Japan there is an observatory at the top
When we were there there was a special event going on so we were able to do cool things like play Tetris
And we can also see beautiful projection mapping
On a next day we went to America Mira, which translates to American village
There are a lot of clothing stores vintage stores and lots of good food here
We are at Russia Kazakhstan aha and we are having a set mini is a long line outside to the straight away
After lunch we then headed to Nara which was only about an hour away our first stop was hot eg a
Huge Buddhist temple which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?
There are three main sections first off
We are going to sign God on there is Japan's oldest five-story pagoda that was built in the 7th century
Next we went to die Halloween which displays national treasures unfortunately we weren't able to film inside, so let's go to the next area
Next and last area is a toy in Quran the main building is au Madonna
Which is the hall of dreams an octagonal building built in the year?
We're then headed to Kashi Hara Jingu
Which is a Shinto shrine it was built in the Meiji period and is a beautiful and tasteful place?
Right now I'm in front of Todaiji, and this is in the middle of Nara park
One of the most famous temples in Nara the main hall which houses one of Japan's largest
Statues of Buddha is also the world's largest wooden building
Just outside of todaiji temple there are a lot of deers walking around you can buy some deer crackers and then feed them
But be careful though if you do have crackers. You'll be surrounded by a lot of deers
What happened with the chica it bit my jacket because I had food then it chased me
And I ran away you hungry. Yes, are you hungry I am
Next we went to a cashier
Which is the largest brush manufacturer in Japan we were lucky enough to do the final step of the brush making ourselves
Not only are they really well known for their calligraphy brushes their makeup brushes are also
Excellent qualities that I decided to get some for myself
Hey guys tonight time now, and we just had dinner
I'm going to end this video here because we are now at our new hotel room in Kyoto and
Kyoto will be the next video for this trip so far
I've been really enjoying this trip because I absolutely
Love the Kansai region is actually my favourite region in Japan so I really hope that this video would help you out if you plan
To travel to the Kansai region, and you only have a couple of days actually trapping around the Kansai region is really easy especially between
Osaka and Kyoto because everything is not too far away for example from also card to Nutter it's maybe about
45 minutes and from Osaka to
Kyoto it's about the same even less if you have the junior pass and you can use the bullet train
I guess I've been to Kansai many times, and I always have a blast because everyone is just so friendly here
And there is so much more to see and eat
Unfortunately, we only had about a day and a half in all suffer
so we weren't able to do as much as
You guys would probably want to see but definitely if you guys go to Osaka the places I mentioned in this video
I definitely recommend that any guys should check it out. Also if you have time you can go ahead to nother as well
We saw lots of temples and shrines
What's in the Deerpark which was really cool because you have deers walking around everywhere
And you can feed them their bounties, and I also want to say a big
Thank you to the Japan National Tourism Organization for inviting me on this trip even though
I've been to Kansai so many times. I actually learnt so much on this trip
Please thumbs up this video if you enjoyed it and look forward to the next one which is going to be back here
To subscribe to my channel if you haven't yet, and I'll see you guys in the next video bye guys
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3 Day Trip to Osaka & Nara | JAPAN Vlog

17 Folder Collection
周建丞 published on April 18, 2020
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