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  • there are encouraging signs that social distancing is working.

  • Both San Francisco and Seattle report a flattening of the cove in 19 Curve, and New York City reports a decrease in hospital admissions.

  • But before social distancing became the norm, a family of 10 attended A birthday celebration.

  • Now is an macaca, Liana reports.

  • They've all been battling Corona virus.

  • All 10 members of this family who attended a birthday celebration have been hit with Cove it 19.

  • Kelly Diwan says her husband, Mike Dewan, was stricken the most.

  • He was on a ventilator in a Philadelphia hospital for 17 days.

  • She, therefore daughters and all four grand parents were also hit with Covert 19.

  • The first week when I was so Sack.

  • Um, I just have thinking in my head like I can't go to the hospital to like no one's Both of our parents are sick Who's gonna take care of our kids?

  • Tell us what Corona virus was like for you.

  • I think a lot of people are wondering for young people.

  • I was surprised how weak we know we're like we really couldn't get out of bed for several days in a row.

  • It was totally put you down.

  • Mike says he was treated with the anti Ebola drug Rendez Severe, which some see is an encouraging treatment along with Hydroxy Claure Quinn.

  • It seems promising.

  • Yeah, I'm so happy he's sitting right there next to you s ee Oh, and this is Tanya Brown, the sister of O.

  • J.

  • Simpson's slain ex wife, Nicole.

  • She tells Jim Ray.

  • She's also recovering from a grueling about with the virus.

  • That first week was hell on earth.

  • It felt like a big elephant just sitting on my chest.

  • What do you want people to know about getting Corona virus?

  • It's not a cakewalk.

  • It's nothing.

  • Nothing is worse when you can't breathe.

  • It was Nothing is worse when you go from living your life, too.

  • I can't move.

  • CNN's Chris Cuomo continues to broadcast his show from his basement after being diagnosed with Kobe.

  • 19.

  • He had a lighthearted exchange last night as he interviewed his brother Andrew, the governor of New York.

  • Yup, that's the future governor in a psychedelic shirt and bell bottoms.

  • Pig shirt down.

  • Pour it back up.

  • Look how I was looking at him so lovingly back then.

  • Thank you for coming on the show.

there are encouraging signs that social distancing is working.

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10 Family Members Who Attended Birthday Celebration Get Coronavirus

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