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  • So I'm down in West Vancouver, British Columbia, which is where I grew up.

  • And at the local beach there is this 2.5 ton granite sphere that was made to have a tolerance of to hundreds of a millimetre.

  • This is amazing granite sphere, and it's floated on a thin layer of water, and it just presents an amazing opportunity to study inertia.

  • And that's why I'm down here to have a chat with the with some of the people going by about why the globe spins and in fact, why the Earth spins.

  • Why does the Earth's spin?

  • Why does it turn like that?

  • I think the gravity for keep us down on the ground, right?

  • Gravitational pull.

  • How does that cause the earth to spin again?

  • My basic science fails.

  • It's gravity and he guesses, looking gravity.

  • Well, yeah, way you you.

  • It's not stopping.

  • Would you agree with me that?

  • So why is that some sort of force that's you think there's a force down there pushing it?

  • Yeah, I'm gonna go because the up thrust from the water is probably angled in such a way that it's because it's a spherical shape.

  • It's probably pushing on it at an angle.

  • So it spins constantly.

  • Yes.

  • What is a centrifugal force that keeps it?

  • Keeps it going.

  • What is that force?

  • Where does that force come from?

  • Isn't Air Force that keeps going in their force?

  • Working around within, within, within the S cores.

  • They're not something that drives and dictates, said centrifugal force.

  • It's the law of inertia in it.

  • What's the law of inertia?

  • Every action equal and opposite reaction force in inertia maintains this.

  • But inertia, which is great idea is not a force.

  • How would you define?

  • It's just the tendency of all objects with mass to maintain their state emotion.

  • Okay, so if they're stationary, they want to stay stationary.

  • If we anthropomorphize.

  • Yes.

  • Moving said under your authorized objects wanted, want to keep you basically whatever motion they have, they like to continue in that state.

  • Yes, the Earth does that without any forces.

  • This does that without any force.

So I'm down in West Vancouver, British Columbia, which is where I grew up.

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