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  • N hs has saved my life.

  • No question.

  • It's hard to find words to express my debt.

  • But before I come to that, I want to thank everyone in the entire UK for the effort on the sacrifice you have made on doll making.

  • When the sun is out and the kids are at home when the whole natural world seems that its loveliest in the outdoors is so inviting, I can only imagine how tough it has bean to follow the rules on social distancing.

  • I thank you because so many millions and millions of people across this country have bean doing the right thing.

  • Million's going through the hardship of self isolation faithfully, patiently on dhe with thought and calf, others as well as for themselves.

  • I want you to know that this Easter Sunday, I do believe that your efforts are worth it and our daily proving they're worth because although we more every day those who are taken from us in such numbers on there, the struggle is by no means over.

  • We are now making progress in this incredible national battle against Karina bars fight we never picked against an enemy.

  • We still don't entirely understand we're making progress in this national bath because the British public formed a human shield around this country's greatest national asset our national Health Service.

  • We understood and we decided that if together we could keep our n hs safe if we could stop R N hs from being overwhelmed, then we could not be beaten on.

  • This country would rise together and overcome this challenge as we have overcome so many challenges in the past.

  • In the last seven days, I have, of course, seeing the pressure that the N.

  • H S is under.

  • I've seen the personal courage not just of the doctors and nurses, but of everyone the cleaners, the cooks, the health care workers of every description, physios, radiography, pharmacists who kept coming toe work kept putting themselves in harm's way, kept risking this deadly virus.

  • It is Thanks tow that courage, that devotion, that duty and that love that are n hs has bean unbeatable.

  • I want to pay my own thanks to the utterly brilliant doctors, leaders in their fields are men and women.

  • But several of them, for some reason, called Nick who took some crucial decisions a few days ago which I will be grateful for the rest of my life.

  • I want to thank the many nurses, men and women whose care has bean so astonishing I'm gonna forget some names.

  • So please forgive me, but I want to thank our polling on Dhe Shannon on Emily and Angel and Connie and Becky and Rachel Nicky on on DDE.

  • I hope they wouldn't mind if I mentioned in particular two nurses who stood by my bedside for 48 hours when things could have gone either way.

  • They're Jenny from New Zealand, Invercargill on the South Island, to be exact on Louise from Portugal, near Porter.

  • And the reason?

  • In the end, my body did start to get enough oxygen was because for every second of the night they were watching on, they were thinking they were caring and making the interventions I needed.

  • So that is how I also that across this country, 24 hours a day for every second of every hour, there are hundreds of thousands of N hs staff who are acting with the same care and thought and precision.

  • There's Jenny on Dhe Louise.

  • That is why we will defeat this Corona virus and defeat it together we will win because our n hs is the beating heart of this country.

  • It is the best of this country.

  • It is unconquerable.

  • It is powered by love.

  • So thank you from me, from all of us to the N hs.

  • Let's remember to follow the rules on social distancing, Stay at home protector of HS and save lives.

  • Thank you.

  • And happy Easter.

  • Boris Johnson, the prime minister there in that video statement released on Twitter just a short time ago after his week in hospital in which he was in intensive care looking remarkably strong, they're on addressing the nation with those words thanking the N H staff and a chest staff in particular who had stayed by his side.

  • Those two nurses who had kept him going with oxygen on that particular night where he felt it could have gone either way and that they had, in his words, saved his life.

  • No question about that.

  • So that was the latest from the Prime Minister has now been released from since Thomas's Hospital in London.

  • He is going to continue his convalescence at checkers after, uh, being in Downing Street this afternoon.

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N hs has saved my life.

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