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  • Dr Gottesman and I are on our way to emergency.

  • Right now, we're getting our first admission patient from the floor that requires to get the ventilator for the breathing machine.

  • Nurse Elise, I suppose on her 6th 13 hour day this week.

  • It's very sad.

  • It's very scary and very real in there.

  • Everything you're hearing on the news about people coming in, people dying, it's true they've put in sinks on the stage.

  • North Shore University Hospital on Long Island is so overwhelmed they're turning this lecture hall into a patient care room.

  • They even turned couches into beds with oxygen and suction set up.

  • Medical personnel constantly worry about bringing the virus home to their families.

  • He started Be lining on.

  • I tried to sneak up to the stairs for You could get to me, but he started crying really bad.

  • I personally got engaged last Saturday, and Mike, Big concern is always taken.

  • Something home and possibly time in my family's right now we're in a patient's room.

  • We're about to turn him on to his belly to help Occident.

  • End of my shift is nowhere in sight.

  • Way just got six new admissions in another I see you that we just opened.

  • Finally, at the end of her 13 hour shift, Nurse Elise gets to go home.

  • But before she can even greet her family, she goes through a strict cleaning routine.

  • First, she drums off her shoes at the front door in the back yard, she disinfects her backpack with Lysol.

  • Then she washes her hands, her keys, even her I D.

  • And anything that could be contaminated as her family excitedly waits outside to be with her.

  • I'm proud of her that she's doing this.

  • She's not being selfish.

  • She's going out there and helping other people.

  • The health writers out of my mom.

  • They're all heroes because they're putting themselves in harm's way.

  • I'm happy that she's home, but I'm sad because I can't hug and kiss it all The stress that I felt at the hospital is just already gone.

Dr Gottesman and I are on our way to emergency.

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