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  • thistles.

  • My first tamper, it was used attempt pre ground robusta late in Italian roasted coffee into the basket of a domestic gadget that I was demonstrating in a department store.

  • It was not a good temper.

  • First, proper temporal board was David Schwimmer's Ergo Packer.

  • I saved up a lot of money, and I was somewhat enamored with him because he just seemed to have an answers.

  • Sadly, it was intercepted by customs, and I never managed to get hold of it.

  • I couldn't afford a replacement.

  • A few months later, I ended up doing what most people have done.

  • A border Reg Barba Temper.

  • No, I wanted a temper because I wanted to feel like I had a craft and that I had tools that represented that craft.

  • I wanted an object that legitimized me and also what I did for a living.

  • It was to be the first of many a CZ.

  • You look at the evolution of Tampa's in the last 10 or 15 years.

  • It does hold a mirror to the progress and evolution of the coffee industry itself.

  • Leon Tampers became a kind of focal point for experimentation.

  • There were great hopes of unlocking flavor through the design of the basis Beit Convex or concave concentric rings or perfectly flat, perfectly fitting service is.

  • All of these were explored with a sense of excitement and hope, and there was legitimacy.

  • If there's any experiments, slowly, temper design began to drift.

  • Lose that initial purpose.

  • They became items of jewellery, of self expression on then items of novelty.

  • Soon material became more important than function.

  • Look at my collection of tempers now, and I see mostly memories of times in my life or of the people who gave me generous gift ce this'll particular.

  • Tampa is from my birth, the championship win in Tokyo temper, both stolen and earned finals.

  • I had somehow managed to forget my tamper close to the prep area.

  • There was a table full of Reg.

  • Barbara tampers with every intention of returning it.

  • I grabbed one and I used on stage.

  • That's right, I do is I went back to confess and to return it on.

  • They gave it to me.

  • It remains a nice reminder of the truth of the chaos of that experience, but also of an amazing day in my life.

  • So why am I telling you this.

  • Why am I thinking about tempers?

  • It would be premature to say that temples were about to be made obsolete, but I think the writing's on the wall technology is coming.

  • I wouldn't be sad to see the act of tamping go.

  • It's easy to make a mistake the best.

  • You just ruin a cup of coffee.

  • At worst, you damage your body.

  • I have more temples than I'll ever need, and yet I can't let them go.

  • Perhaps they're doomed to end up like a box of old photographs that you dig out from time to time and look through and reminisce.

  • And maybe that's what I'm doing right now digging through that box and telling a story or two.

  • Maybe in the future, I'll dig that box out again and tell some more stories.


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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/04/15
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