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  • Are 'speak' and 'talk' different?

  • Often it doesn't matter, but there are some differences.

  • 'Speak' can refer to the action itself.

  • I speak Spanish really well and I speak Russian badly.

  • 'Speak' can refer to something more formal than 'talk'.

  • As a teacher, I spoke to my students in lessons

  • and then I talked to my friends afterwards.

  • 'Talk' suggests that it's a conversation.

  • My friends always listen to me, not all my students did.

  • There are also some expressions where we use

  • one word rather than the other.

  • Like: speak out or talk rubbish.

  • The difference is very small

  • and often it doesn't matter which one you use

  • but remember:

  • Teachers and politicians speak to you,

  • friends and family talk to you

  • and you should speak out

  • if you think someone's talking rubbish.

Are 'speak' and 'talk' different?

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What's the difference between 'speak' and 'talk'? - English In A Minute

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/04/15
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