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[Hongdae/Jamsil Escape Room Cafe]
Where are we going?
It's cramped.
Hello, this is Going Team.
Are you ready to enjoy Jun's idea of
Monthly Seventeen April, escape room?
Shout if you're ready!
But no matter how ready you are, you would still need
hints, right?
Please send us a message if you need a hint.
- Right, we received a phone. - There's no limit to the number of hints you can get.
Every time you use a hint, we will add 10 minutes to your final escape record time.
That's too much.
The last team to escape gets the benefit to enjoy the horror special in July, one by one.
We're going to do a horror special?
Then good luck! God bless you.
Okay, let's start.
This is really fun.
Did the timer start from the moment we entered?
Yes, it's running right now.
Hey, if we find items later, here.
[Everything needs to be unlocked] There are so many locks.
- Then how do we find items? - Oh, here's one.
[Found the first clue]
My two brothers, who always bully me because I'm ugly, chased after me in my dream.
I saw a horrifying scene under the cliff.
A gruesome scene of 8 uncanny cats and 5 crows fighting.
In the end, only the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th cat survived. The rest died.
[Already?] Wait, there are numbers here.
- Here, the numbers. - 1, 3, 4, 5.
In the end, only the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th cat survived.
[Obviously] Then this is the hint.
[The one who wanted to go for escape rooms] I'm in trouble. I'm actually really bad at this sort of things.
Look for the lock first.
Try it first.
Try 1, 3, 4, 5?
[Trying 1, 3, 4, 5] Yeah, just try it first.
This is the only thing that works.
1, 3, 4, 5.
Should we use a hint here?
[Already? 22] We're a bit..
Let's not use it for now. Look for it first.
Let's not use the hint yet.
Wait, I think we can do something.
Oh, could it be 1, 3, 4, 5?
[As if nothing happened] It looks unrelated.
Hey, I think we should use a hint. Otherwise, we won't be able to solve this.
Okay, I'm going to ask for a hint.
Yeah, please give us a hint.
Wow, it's so difficult. What do we do?
This is nowhere to be found.
[Not his cup of tea] Why do people think this is fun?
- Good to go. - Okay.
Okay, let's start.
Jack the Ripper.
[Easily immersed] Jack the Ripper!
Guys, calm down. Everyone sit here.
Hey, you really lack leadership!
[Leadership] Okay, the first thing we need to know is the number of the locks.
- Why are we finding that out? - Because it means we have to solve these three.
- Wait! - Is it over when we get out of this room?
I found it.
[He just wanted to say it] Jack the Ripper.
[Ignores] It's this one, that one, this one, and that one.
But this has a key. It should be somewhere.
Hey, Mingyu!
There's one letter erased from this English word.
The Ripper..It's P.
- Yeah. - Jack the Ripper, P.
- So there should be a P here? - P.
So there should be something here.
We should find something like this.
Hey, usually in escape rooms,
- I'm scared. - don't they give you missions?
[Jeonghan is scared] Ah, the style is a little different here.
Let's look for this word.
This actually isn't that scary. I'm not scared at all.
You are scared.
[An honest body]
I think we got this. It's "PAST."
Why are we fooling around while they are...
[Excited for no reason / Excited to solve the question]
We're not that interested.
Okay, we solved one.
Hey, how did you solve it? What's the password?
"PAST", Past. P-A, then S-T.
I'm the one who found it.
Okay, we know. Please be quiet for a second.
What is it? What did you find?
This is a compass.
We have to go to the place marked on the compass.
- Okay. - Where the marked place?
[On the way home] It's there! Let's go!
1, 3, 4, 5.
Is there anything that changed on the side?
No, nothing.
[Received a hint] If you look at the text, it says that only the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th cat survived.
[Since "Dreadful" refers to the 8 cats, and "Dream" refers to the 5 crows]
[you need to combine the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th alphabets]
We got it, great.
1, D.
[Not this lock] But I don't think it's this lock.
They said this one is right.
Let's do it, Jun.
Wait, it opened.
D-E-A-D. 1, 3, 4, 5.
Let's do it, Jun.
Wait, it opened.
[Answer: DEAD] 1, 3, 4, 5 is DEAD.
Okay, Jun!
[The host of April]
What's this?
Let's read it.
My birth was the mistake of God.
Everyone abandoned me, but I would be reborn in perfect beauty.
I performed a living body stimulation experiment on a frog.
Through this experiment, I found out the parts that showed a relatively long reaction, in order.
Like this?
- Huh? - Wait, what?
[Different timing for each one]
Ah, okay, okay.
This one was short.
1, 2, 3, 4.
Okay, turn on number 1.
[Found out how to use the light right away]
- Okay, it's this. - I think it's this.
- Is there a Y? - Yeah.
Y and L.
- Is there L? - Yeah R.
- Is there? - I don't think so.
Then it must be something else.
What are the remaining two?
There's G and U left.
G, U.
Or did I do it backwards?
Y, L, G, U.
Y, L, G, U but there is no L.
Or maybe you can't tell if it's a U or a C?
Oh would you try C?
But there is no C either.
That's too bad.
But in the order of the parts that have shown the longest response.
Is that right?
Then it's that one.
U, oh there it is.
U, G, L, Y.
[The answer is UGLY]
Hey, we might actually be able to do this.
I think we can do it.
I think we can win.
I don't think we can win though.
- We're already.. - As long as we don't come in last.
Please read.
My stepdad always emphasized to me
that the most valuable things are a small face, white skin, and a prominent nose.
What the...
I decided I wanted to find the DNA for these valuable assets.
My second brother, McKenzie, has a smaller face than I do, with large and dark sparkling eyes.
Francis had whiter skin than I did and a very pretty hair.
My stepdad Holstein had a prominent nose with a cuttingly cold and sophisticated appearance.
So I began my experiment, which would of course be the sum of the most important assets and something that is as valuable.
Isn't this it? Long legs?
Right right, it must be this.
The second brother has a smaller face.
Smaller face 100.
- Huh? Hey, there are numbers here. - I know.
- 100. - 100?
- Large dark eyes is 50. - 50?
There's no eyes.
[They have to get the total sum] ...my experiment, which would of course be the sum of the most important assets.
The sum.
Let's just start by guessing things like the skin.
[Place some subtitle that says they guessed wrong here]
Wait a second, I don't get it either.
- The hint. - Let's use a hint.
This should be the really easy one.
This escape room.
It's just that we're bad at it.
The one I did in the past was harder than this one.
[Sad] No... Nobody's reacting.
[Makes party DJ noises]
[Reacts well]
It says to add it all.
[Add the beaker capacities that correspond to a prominent nose, small face, and white skin together to get the sum]
It's 300.
- Exactly 300? - Yeah.
No, it's not 300.
It's 400 isn't it?
Yeah it's 400.
[April's host] I'm an idiot!
[Opened the lock] Done!
- Was it 400? - I'm an idiot!
Now Hoshi, read it.
Uh wait.
Don't lift it, don't open it.
[It's working] We got it right!
It's right!
[Showing off] See? I was thinking something was missing.
- ALIVE. - Yes!
[Pretending not to have noticed] Did you see it?
Wow that's so cool.
[In charge of reading] What's written here?
This experiment was a failure.
I was worried that my experiment would end unfinished among inaccurate variables.
Oh good good!
[Genes] Hey we're doing well.
Now we have to find the answer for this.
This is about DNA.
Oh? Oh! Wow!
- Lights lights lights. - Okay.
[Sneaks back] Face, yes yes yes.
Oh what is it? What is it?
- Oh sorry, that was me, sorry. - Oh you scared me.
- Now, skin, 10. - Hoshi, read this for us.
[Reader] For the gene conversion I need three types of superior genes.
Wait a second, I can easily collect these from my environment, can't I?
I plan to go visit his grave.
- This is right. - What does this mean? What does it say?
It says she's going to his grave.
Now this is where we have to make a choice.
So right now, this one is right, this one is right no matter what.
[Operation manual in front of the door]
[All you need to do]
[is place the genes that have been found in the correct slots]
So right now, this one is right, this one is right no matter what
[It's not this one] - This? - Yeah, I guessed this hint already, here.
- There is a number here. - Then you have to lower it like this.
[There's no need for that]
So right now something is being done wrong.
[THE 8 is doing it wrong] But this one is correct no matter what!
Tell me the answer~
[Father??] Why are you calling your father!
Right now, in my opinion, we have to solve this one.
- It doesn't matter. - It doesn't?
What is this?
Aren't we supposed to open this door?
Whoa! Guys!
- Oh it's here! - It's this way guys!
Here it is!
Let's go!
[Looking for the answer] Hey what is this?
[Found something to play with] - Maybe if we get inside, the door will suddenly open or something. - Try it.
We have to open this first.
What is this?
[Good at slapstick]
It's because you're heavy, can't be helped.
[Good at slapstick 22]
[Amusement park ride?]
Oh? Wait.
[They're filming different things] - Hold on to it, hold on. - Hey get up, get up.
Hey let's give it a try too now.
[Back to the escape room] If D is 6, E is 0, and so on...
Then, 1 2 3 4 5.
There's no 5.
Should we drop this for now?
Do you wanna look around the area first? I'll try to think about it.
[Compass] This-- what did you find with this?
Now, when you look at this, the first thing that comes to mind is this solution, you see.
If you're gonna use a hint, just let me know and I'll send the KakaoTalk message.
Alright, you be in charge of the hint, then.
I'm really suspicious about this sentence here, you see?
For me, it's this camera.
This camera may not be our camera.
It may be a camera that contains a clue.
Get out.
[Lock] How could we open this? x2
[A rare moment of serious talk] So we earned this compass, right?
Then there must be a hint here, right?
[Or not, it's just funny lol]
Why are you laughing?
[Sheepish] Hey! I said, why are you laughing?
No, I just found it cute.
What I'm thinking is, you see this arrow here next to this, right?
This lock is one of those locks you open with direction passwords.
I think that's right.
- We first need to open this up. - We need to open this number, but how do we find the numbers?
We need five numbers.
Aren't there any writings about DEM ROYAL somewhere?
- DEM ROYAL? - Yeah.
There's gotta be DEM ROYAL somewhere, for sure.
Surely that couldn't be there for no reason, right?
There are 5 numbers on this.
There it is, like 18433, 18497.
But there are 5 for the one over there, you know?
But wouldn't there be something in here?
That may be true, but in here...
There's this person's name, or whatever this is, right?
But anyways, there are these numbers, all of them.
If it's MEN, as in M-E-N...
Maybe it's like 2, 0 and so on. That's my guess.
- Huh? - MERRY!
- Oh, that's right! - MERRY.
- We need to find MERRY right now, right? - That's right.
[Solution to the puzzle : Through the number of DEM - ROYAL, deduce the number that corresponds with MERRY] 20446.
- 20... - Wow, if I get this right, this is incredible.
I'd have scored something then, now.
- Wow, nice, nice! - DK's done it.
[Scored something] It was MERRY!
[Really giving it to himself] Yeah! Hey, look, look, MERRY was right here, you know.
- That's right. x4 - With MERRY--
[Really giving it to himself too] DK, you know it's me who found and opened this, right?
Get out.
It's true, you know!
This is-- oh, it's changed!
This, hold on. Let's take our hands off, all of us.
I think it changed because we placed this on here, you know?
It must be right where it stopped right now.
Oh, hold on, it's moving.
It's moving, now that we've placed it on top.
Check which direction this is, alright? All of this.
It's 1 2 3 4 5.
Then, following this--
It worked.
Okay, we'll open the door with this.
I mean, this is easier than I had expected.
[Room escape is easy!] This is really quite an easy one.
[But got it wrong right away] This key isn't the key for this.
It's for this.
[Need to solve it later on] Oh, so you find the one for this from over there, huh?
Let's go.
- Oh, it's here. - Guys, that's right, it's here!
It's here!
Hey, hey, let's go!
Hey, there's a tomb in here!
There's a tomb here, inside this place.
- Can we open it? - Hey, Hoshi, come here.
- We need to solve this first. - Yeah, we should solve this first.
[This one first]
Okay, we need to listen now.
Hey, we need to find the older brother's DNA now.
Oh, here, here.
Try opening all the books.
But did they say we need to find a book or something?
No. In my opinion with the books, you see these numbers below, right? We need to get this and solve this one first.
Come over here, this one--
What does it say?
'Nobody remembers his life as a bad instigator who did nothing but make false promises'.
- The first one-- what was it? - His life.
[Like this] His life, L.
Oh, the handsome politician is R.
- There's bad instigator right here. - A.
And false promises.
No, we don't need the books.
If the third one and--
[Answer: LIAR]
It worked, you know?
[Correct] This should open, right?
Oh, there are more alphabets inside that box.
It's easier than I'd expected, you know?
While doing the work after hiding inside the coffin,
I stare at the sky like a living corpse and briefly get lost in thought.
I think someone has to go inside and look at the ceiling in there.
Should I go inside?
Oh, how brave.
Didn't expect I'd enter a tomb in my life, you know?
- Okay, first, I think we need to shut it. - Isn't it only gonna be visible when it's shut?
I think the light will only come on when it's shut, you know?
[Clue] - Is the light on? - It's on.
What do you see?
They're English words. Listen carefully, Joshua.
[Basically reading out the clue]
We need to find the number.
There's no number in here, though?
Oh wait, maybe it becomes a number when they're connected?
It doesn't come out.
[Self-cam, lips focus] No, I don't think it'll be this hard.
1 2 3 4, this is 4, and the one earlier's 6.
Sorry, don't trust me.
Nah, I'll give you my trust.
Just do it, just try everything.
[Struggled for 20 minutes]
[Given up]
I'm tired now. 'Cause we lack energy.
- Okay, I'll ask for a hint, alright? - Yeah.
[If you connect the first word, 'Beauty', you get the number '9']
[You get '4' with Rule. Find the number in the remaining words, too]
- It was 4, right? - Yeah, 4.
World is 3.
This is 3.
- It's correct. - It worked.
It's correct.
[Obtained the DNA of the eldest brother] We need to go downstairs again.
Oh, and I was feeling so great today.
[The habit of closing the door well] It's all done, it's all done.
[Again, these things aren't necessary] Let's go. One, two,
[Correct] Don't you need to put something inside?
Oh that?
You should put in there.
Dude what are you doing?
[Door opened] It opened x3 Come on.
What's this? Oh it's a bed.
I think there's something in here.
But there must be a sequence.
Aren't we supposed to move that in order?
[Found a hint]
The blue one is...
The green one is...
The red one is....
The purple one is a perfume that temporarily makes you feel like you're in love.
[It's right here] So we're gonna have to find the scent as a hint and solve this first.
"You get a throbbing feeling at first".
- This, this. - Your heart throbs? Okay okay.
Okay, throbbing.
"You get a throbbing feeling at first".
[How to solve the problem - Infer the order by comparing the text with the list of perfumes, and then deduce the answer in the direction of the perfume in the room] "The feelings of the opposite sex make your body hot like fire"
"then fall asleep like magic".
The last is "fall asleep".
Okay, we got it then.
"I conquered another little bird".
"I should lie down in bed, eyes closed".
[Lying down expert] Lie down in bed?
And close your eyes.
[Horror Room Escape] Then...
[The host of April] Should I kill that scumbag guy?
Where is it? Where?
Hey, why are they doing this?
They said it wasn't a horror room escape!
[Got the genes] What did you get?
Go downstairs... We have to go out again.
Ugh... Seriously. Why do I...
[Grumbling] Why do I get so easily surprised?
[Entering the second room] Bloodstains.
There's blood.
CHAPTER. 1 Merry.
Is it Merry's blood?
[Fearless] Why would you say this is scary?
[Fearful] Cause it's a murder case...?
[Really fearful / Scared Mr. Lee] It's a category of (scary) mystery.
Well for the blood stain, I'll...
Where was this place? The...
[Nobody listens] - What's the lock here? - Take it to the hospital and the DNA....
Woah it's amazing! The camera is moving! Awesome.
The director is controlling that right now.
Okay, here's a lock.
Here are two locks~
I think in this room, what's related to Merry is probably a hint.
Merry's birthday is the 27th on this calendar. July 27th?
That's probably a big hint.
Why is it underlined here?
And why is this circled in red?
Wow, this is hard.
I wanna see it too!
Was this just in here?
Yeah, but it was in order.
Huh? Wait a minute. It's July!
This one's July. There was only until June.
Woah, awesome.
This chair is nice.
[Rocking comfort]
[Wanna-have item] I think I can have one in my room.
This is March.
It's March, April, May, June, and July.
What is this? What do 13, 12, 15, and 4 on top of this mean?
I know, that's what I'm also curious about.
Then this should mean something too.
Huh? Jun made this earlier.
Monthly Seventeen April Jun!
Jun with the 4!
[Pretending to be sharp] There's something about this.
- No there isn't. - Yes there is!
This is hard.
Or should we use a hint?
Let's not use that.
Uh yeah I don't want to use it either.
I think we can do this.
But if we can't solve it in 10 minutes, we'd better use it.
- You're right. - We'd rather use it after 10 minutes.
[Gullible] Should we use one hint?
- Shall we use it here? - Let's use it just once, then?
Here's the first hint.
"If you look at Merry's diary, the date section is highlighted".
"Count the columns by the number of days"?
Okay done.
[Answer: 1429]
This is too hard..
Here it is.
Why is it underlined here?
[The underline found earlier] Why is this circled in red?
Wait, read it out for me!
Starting with this--
[How to solve the problem - Infer the answer by comparing the underscore in the drawer with the underline in the clue]
"I could get over everything with a drink."
"If it weren't for him, if it weren't for that incident..."
It's number 2.
Or is it number 6?
You should take a look at the color.
What's this?
It says that this is an accessory that's stuck here.
The dressing table.
But aren't the colors too similar?
Oh, right.
It's red, blue, and pink.
- Oh, I get it! X5 - What is it?
[How to solve the problem - Compare the color in the drawer with the color in the wine bottle] Red, blue, yellow.
Red, blue, and 7.
Black, and pink.
Blue, yellow, and 4.
Red, blue, and pink.
[S.B.S Winner]
This is?
"I'm losing myself, and my body is leaning in an extreme direction."
What's this?
It opened.
[The person who said this wasn't scary at all] Oh, my gosh.
Let's take it out.
It's Merry.
Merry, it's Merry's picture.
What's this?
You know, you put frames on here like this.
This and this.
Are you solving it?
[Shouldn't you place it like this?]
"Tilt my body in an extreme way"?
Tilt Merry?
[Tilting the body]
[Extreme Method] I laid Merry down in an extreme way.
[Irony] You're amazing, DK.
[Truthful] This might work, seriously.
Let's use the hint here quickly.
The sooner we use the hint, the better it is.
Then I'll ask for one more hint.
It won't be something like this, will it?
[Going extreme 22]
[Amazing Mingyu] We can try tilting our body in an extreme direction.
Maybe we'll see something if we tilt our bodies.
Put Merry's picture on the same picture.
But we tried that already.
I think we need to keep holding it.
- We weren't doing it properly. We were just making contact on it. What a shame. - Yeah, we were almost there.
I'll hold you, DK.
Hey, Mingyu!
What's the alphabet for the numbers 3036 on the phone?
- The alphabet for 3036? - Yeah.
It's 3 letters per number.
[Direction key] But this lock is also like that.
It's the phone for sure.
- Oh, I think this could be right. - Left!
- Left, then right! - Right.
- Left. - Left.
- Down? - Yeah.
- It opened. - Got it!
Got it.
What's there?
Okay, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. This is the same as the numbers.
That means we have to solve these 4. What is the order of these 4?
A, B, C, D, E, F, G.
Should we try this order? R-E-N-T?
[It says RENT] Then...
it's 9, 2, 8.
Why is it like that?
Why is the order 9, 2, 8?
- It's in this order. - Oh, like that.
Okay, I got it.
The spelling is all here.
Can you call it in the order of E, N, T, E, R?
What's E? 9.
Oh, it says ENTER here.
[Subs basically saying they're solving the password according to ENTER]
- Yes! - Nice!
- Mice. - You guys are good.
- 3 mice. - Yeah, you guys are good.
There was something with Hans earlier.
I think there's a reason for these 3 mice being here.
I think we're supposed to open this now.
How about we use a hint here right now?
[Genius???] Oh, wait. I think I got this already.
[What a shame] Never mind.
The eyes are red.
Oh, true.
- Don't you think it's connected with the red dots? - Wow, amazing.
[Creative] Put the mice's eyes on the red dot.
The three of them together.
Don't you think there's definitely a connection?
I think there is. x2
Got it.
[Door is OPEN]
- Yes! - What is it?
So we don't have to do this?
How did you open this?
There was something to attach.
There's a lot of things here.
"My beloved fiancé, Hans."
"My fiancé, Hans, could no longer bear his poverty"
"With 'red' bloodshot eyes and a heart burnt 'black', a face that turned 'blue' passed in front of me"
"and became a 'black' shadow, scattering 'red' blood."
"He, who had turned 'black', collapsed and looked at the 'sky' with blank eyes."
"I could no longer go back."
[Like an older brother of Merry] Hans is a bad guy.
All the colors in the text are here.
Then can't we just step on them in order?
With red bloodshot eyes.
- Blue. - Blue.
- Black. - Black.
- And red.
[No reaction]
[As if enthusiasm is the answer]
[Creative genius] Let's try it with the mice.
Doesn't this make more sense?
Put it in the middle, then.
- Maybe the black and the red represent the directions. - It could be.
[Direction lock]
[Obsessed] I think we should try this.
[Nope] I think there's definitely something with the mice.
- Should we use a hint? - Let's do that.
I think it's something simple.
The 3rd hint: Figure out the direction on the floor after looking at the memo on the barrel.
It says "figure out the direction."
It worked!
- What did you do? - I just started with red, then did black, blue, black, red, black, sky, and it worked.
What? That's what I did.
So we didn't need the hint.
One key.
One card.
Are we supposed to put a picture here?
It's suddenly lighting up.
[It's scary] Huh?
It lit up?
Isn't that Hans and Merry?
- She killing him! - Hey, wait!
There's a number.
There's a number!
- There's a number! - 9, 8! 9, 8!
12! 12! 12!
[Merry's brother is confused] - So Hans is dead? - The key.
It's not Merry who died?
It's starting to get scary.
[Horror escape room starts now] - I think Hans killed Merry. - Merry killed Hans!
- The woman killed the man. - Really?
Oh, he's dead.
Oh, gosh!
[Going Team: Hello, everyone. This is Going Team]
[Going Team: Regarding the next shoot]
[Going Team: Timing game starts. 1]
[SeungKwan: 2. Nice.]
[WOOZI: 3]
[Dino: 4]
[Vernon: 5]
[Wonwoo: 6 ?]
[Jeonghan: 7]
[Mingyu: 8]
[Mingyu: But can you lose by saying the same number if you play this on KakaoTalk? LOL]
[Mingyu: You can just type after seeing what the others say.]
[DK: 9]
[Vernon: LOL I'm excited]
[DK: I don't get it...]
[Going Team: Thank you for your cooperation]
[Hoshi: 10]
[In the order of the Timing Game - SeungKwan, WOOZI, Dino, Vernon are a team / Wonwoo, Jeonghan, Mingyu, DK are a team / Hoshi, and Joshua, Jun, THE 8 (the 3 who didn't reply) are a team]
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29 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on April 15, 2020
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