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So right now we are in front of a very big mall...
And there's like a parking lot only for taxi drivers that are waiting for customers.
LoOk At aLL thEsE tAXis!
Was it funny?
"Jojojo..." (Oh yeah in Czech)
That means: そうだね
Hey guys, so as a lot of you know, the last month of my Japanese exchange has started
and I just thought that in this last month, I could give one day for you guys to decide; What should I do?
Yo wassup guys, so tomorrow all of my decisions will be made by you guys here on Instagram, so please be ready for a lot of polls!
The story is going up and now it's time to wait for the new day...
So it's the morning, about 6:40, um five minutes ago I asked you guys about my first decision
If I should brush my teeth before breakfast or after breakfast. The majority of you guys voted after breakfast, which is honestly something that I find so gross to do
Wait, you don't actually care about this. You want to see a fun vlog already, not me brushing my teeth
So to sum up I asked everyone if I should stay home or go on an adventure
Then you guys submitted your suggestions from which I picked Kyoto and Tokyo
Even though both of these places are more than six hours far away from my city
Thankfully you guys picked the closer one, Tokyo, and so we were on our way
I'm not gonna lie. The trip was long approximately six hours in the car
But I was constantly telling myself that I should be "happy" that you guys didn't choose Kyoto
Because a trip to Kyoto would be over nine hours long
Okay, so right now we made a little stop. Right there is kind of a highway station where a lot of people buy food
and they can... not only to buy snacks but also to buy lunch
And souvenirs, so I'm here with Umi and his parents
uhh and yeah! we just finished eating and now we're going to Tokyo!
So we're 15 minutes in Tokyo and we're still on the highway
The high building over there is Tokyo Skytree where I really want to go, but after all that's up to you guys
Okay guys, so right now, I'm at the Tokyo subway (*city train). And I guess now you decide where I should go
And you guys voted for Akihabara! By the way I honestly didn't know that there's train City public transport in Tokyo
...and I also didn't want anyone to notice that I'm filming there
To be completely honest with you guys if I didn't have my host family here I probably would get lost in the first 15 minutes.
Yeah but, it's easy to just follow them...
I took so many pictures of this city, but you guys also wanted me to take a picture
So I used this moment to celebrate my channel surpassing 20.000 subscribers
So as you can see now guys we are in Akihabara and now I just wanna, for a bit, I want to take a break from all the polls on IG.
Because, I really want to enjoy this place as much as I can so...
Also, this is like my first time doing a video in front of so many people so I'm gonna be kind of nervous throughout this whole video
But, yeah, I'll do my best to show you the best parts of Akihabara
But this definitely isn't one of them, that's just a weeb restaurant where I had pasta because I got hungry
So right now we're gonna go to a little place called Kotobukiya, which is as I heard the best souvenir shop here in Akihabara
And also this is one of the shops where you can buy Ghibli merchandise
That's why I asked you guys if I should buy manga or other souvenirs
Again, I didn't really film that much here because I really wanted to take my time to look at everything
and then of course I wanted to try as many gachapon machines as possible!
But then there was another decision to make, I wanted to spend more time in Akihabara but I also wanted to go to other places in Tokyo
Alright guys, so now the question is if we should go further to Akihabara or if we should go to another adventure in Tokyo.
So... please vote!
And so I went to Instagram again and asked you guys one last time; if you could choose one place in Tokyo
Where would you go?
There were so many great responses, but then there was one where I instantly knew I have to go, because of my childhood...
Okay guys so we are with Umi already near the Pokemon Center
So... It's the first time for me and also the first time for Umi
There are literally so many things that I want to buy and I don't know where to start
Just like, this place is huge. So for example, I really like these plushies but they always take so much space in the suitcase
So I don't know if I'll be able to buy any of them. Maybe maybe one plushie. Maybe, maybe one
Ok guys, so for the first time in my life while shopping I had to pick a shopping cart because I think I'm gonna buy...
The most stuff from Japan is going to be from the Pokemon Center :D
So turns out I didn't buy that much I'm not going to show you guys what I bought but...
That's gonna be one another video itself.
So Umi got some nose blood, but...?
"I don't care!"
"Just enjoy your life, have a meaning of your life."
Enjoy your life, have a meaning of your life. I think that's a beautiful way how to end this video.
So for some reason when I was filming that part, I just thought that it was enough to end the video
so I just want to add: thank you so much for watching and to everyone who participated in the polls, and I'll see you next week in a new video. Bye
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My trip to Tokyo 東京

13 Folder Collection
ally.chang published on April 14, 2020
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