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  • So right now we are in front of a very big mall...

  • And there's like a parking lot only for taxi drivers that are waiting for customers.

  • LoOk At aLL thEsE tAXis!

  • Was it funny?

  • "Jojojo..." (Oh yeah in Czech)

  • Jojojo...

  • That means: そうだね

  • Hey guys, so as a lot of you know, the last month of my Japanese exchange has started

  • and I just thought that in this last month, I could give one day for you guys to decide; What should I do?

  • Yo wassup guys, so tomorrow all of my decisions will be made by you guys here on Instagram, so please be ready for a lot of polls!

  • The story is going up and now it's time to wait for the new day...

  • So it's the morning, about 6:40, um five minutes ago I asked you guys about my first decision

  • If I should brush my teeth before breakfast or after breakfast. The majority of you guys voted after breakfast, which is honestly something that I find so gross to do

  • Wait, you don't actually care about this. You want to see a fun vlog already, not me brushing my teeth

  • So to sum up I asked everyone if I should stay home or go on an adventure

  • Then you guys submitted your suggestions from which I picked Kyoto and Tokyo

  • Even though both of these places are more than six hours far away from my city

  • Thankfully you guys picked the closer one, Tokyo, and so we were on our way

  • I'm not gonna lie. The trip was long approximately six hours in the car

  • But I was constantly telling myself that I should be "happy" that you guys didn't choose Kyoto

  • Because a trip to Kyoto would be over nine hours long

  • Okay, so right now we made a little stop. Right there is kind of a highway station where a lot of people buy food

  • and they can... not only to buy snacks but also to buy lunch

  • "souvenirs..."

  • And souvenirs, so I'm here with Umi and his parents

  • uhh and yeah! we just finished eating and now we're going to Tokyo!

  • So we're 15 minutes in Tokyo and we're still on the highway

  • The high building over there is Tokyo Skytree where I really want to go, but after all that's up to you guys

  • Okay guys, so right now, I'm at the Tokyo subway (*city train). And I guess now you decide where I should go

  • And you guys voted for Akihabara! By the way I honestly didn't know that there's train City public transport in Tokyo

  • ...and I also didn't want anyone to notice that I'm filming there

  • To be completely honest with you guys if I didn't have my host family here I probably would get lost in the first 15 minutes.

  • Yeah but, it's easy to just follow them...

  • I took so many pictures of this city, but you guys also wanted me to take a picture

  • So I used this moment to celebrate my channel surpassing 20.000 subscribers

  • So as you can see now guys we are in Akihabara and now I just wanna, for a bit, I want to take a break from all the polls on IG.

  • Because, I really want to enjoy this place as much as I can so...

  • Also, this is like my first time doing a video in front of so many people so I'm gonna be kind of nervous throughout this whole video

  • But, yeah, I'll do my best to show you the best parts of Akihabara

  • But this definitely isn't one of them, that's just a weeb restaurant where I had pasta because I got hungry

  • So right now we're gonna go to a little place called Kotobukiya, which is as I heard the best souvenir shop here in Akihabara

  • And also this is one of the shops where you can buy Ghibli merchandise

  • That's why I asked you guys if I should buy manga or other souvenirs

  • Again, I didn't really film that much here because I really wanted to take my time to look at everything

  • and then of course I wanted to try as many gachapon machines as possible!

  • But then there was another decision to make, I wanted to spend more time in Akihabara but I also wanted to go to other places in Tokyo

  • Alright guys, so now the question is if we should go further to Akihabara or if we should go to another adventure in Tokyo.

  • So... please vote!

  • And so I went to Instagram again and asked you guys one last time; if you could choose one place in Tokyo

  • Where would you go?

  • There were so many great responses, but then there was one where I instantly knew I have to go, because of my childhood...


  • Okay guys so we are with Umi already near the Pokemon Center

  • So... It's the first time for me and also the first time for Umi

  • There are literally so many things that I want to buy and I don't know where to start

  • Just like, this place is huge. So for example, I really like these plushies but they always take so much space in the suitcase

  • So I don't know if I'll be able to buy any of them. Maybe maybe one plushie. Maybe, maybe one

  • Ok guys, so for the first time in my life while shopping I had to pick a shopping cart because I think I'm gonna buy...

  • The most stuff from Japan is going to be from the Pokemon Center :D

  • So turns out I didn't buy that much I'm not going to show you guys what I bought but...

  • That's gonna be one another video itself.

  • So Umi got some nose blood, but...?

  • "I don't care!"

  • "Just enjoy your life, have a meaning of your life."

  • Enjoy your life, have a meaning of your life. I think that's a beautiful way how to end this video.

  • So for some reason when I was filming that part, I just thought that it was enough to end the video

  • so I just want to add: thank you so much for watching and to everyone who participated in the polls, and I'll see you next week in a new video. Bye

So right now we are in front of a very big mall...

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My trip to Tokyo 東京

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