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  • Good morning, it's time to go to school!

  • Alright welcome to a new segment of this vlog called...


  • This is one of the many school hallways that looks exactly as we know it from anime and manga.

  • This is how Japanese classes usually look like, the traditional way, most of the classes in this school look like this.

  • Yeah, and you know how they always say that the main protagonist of the anime always sits by the window..

  • Yeah, I sit on the completely opposite side, at the last desk there.

  • Teacher: "Okay, today we have a clasroom visitation till the second period."

  • Anyways, the best thing about the school is I think the school campus..

  • which is just... look at that!

  • OMG, what.. oh my god *speechless* the school campus and the rice fields, you know, everything!

  • It's so awesome. Also this school isn't just only one building. It has multiple buildings.

  • I think these are the two main buildings, I suppose, then this is the building for P.E. ummm..

  • And then there's another building for something else, but I completely forgot for what it was so...

  • Yeah, I think we can all agree that this school and its campus is just...

  • Ten times more beautiful and pretty and nice than European schools..

  • and I mean like holy crap, like these rice fields and this like gate, the Torii and yeah just...

  • I wish we had rice fields in Europe. And also this whole thing is like right next to the school, you know...

  • Okay, so there are even more school premises.

  • Maybe as you can hear there's the school band practicing there. Oh, by the way, today's Saturday, okay?

  • A lot of the kids go to school on Saturday because either they have some practice like; sports practice like for example

  • volleyball, baseball, basketball, I think or maybe the band practice or they have some clubs and activities..

  • And so to kind of sum up Japanese schools. It's all about sports, it's all about clubs and teams.

  • Yeah, I would say that they're very competitive, but in the good sense!

  • Anyways right there, they're having the baseball practice and right here they have a soccer practice.

  • Okay, so right now I went kind of closer to the rice fields so I can reenact my favorite scene...

  • Welcome to the rice fields motherfu-

  • -Yeah, that's a classic scene from Filthy Frank...

  • Okay, I'm starting to get kind of sweaty in this suit. So let's go back to the school.

  • I almost forgot, these are the school buses, there are, I don't know, like 15 maybe more of them.

  • I'm not really sure right now. Anyways, these school buses take the kids to school on weekdays.

  • There's the school dormitory for students that don't really live anywhere near the school. For example, there are a few students from Mongolia.

  • Here we are in the school again! This is how all the kids buy lunch unless they have one from home, like a bento or something.

  • And also this is the school canteen where all the students have lunch after the fourth period.

  • Hello guys! Today we're in Haguro high school...

  • Let's take a look at all the people having lunch!

  • So here we are in the school cafeteria!

  • Look at all these children! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

  • Okay guys so the vlog isn't over I want to talk about one more thing and that thing is restrictions in Japanese schools

  • I actually filmed this before in the school, but the audio was really bad so I'm gonna film this again!

  • You see Japanese schools have some rules that probably most of the Western schools don't have...

  • For example: Japanese girls cannot wear makeup and earrings in the school, which is something that I consider very common in Europe at least..

  • That girls always wear makeup, not all of them, but most of them..

  • Of course there are some rules, for the boys too, for example: boys shouldn't have long hair, by long, I mean their hair shouldn't touch their ears

  • So I will might have to get a haircut... hopefully not!

  • Then of course boys cannot have facial hair, which is a rule for teachers, too..

  • Then you always have to wear a uniform to school.

  • Now, in summer we have something called the summer uniform which is basically either a polo shirt or a

  • white button-up shirt with a necktie, but without the jacket.

  • Furthermore teachers collect the students phones at the start of each day.

  • They always have these big white boxes and every student has a slot in the box

  • so then the phones are in a row... and then we get our phones back after the sixth period.

  • Which is the end of the classes...

  • By the way, the classes start at 8:50 AM and each class has 50 minutes.

  • And then after all the classes are over before the clubs some students always stay in the school to clean the school (about 10-15 minutes).

  • Yeah, you heard me correctly. No cleaning ladies or workers. The students do all the work. They clean the school!

  • And yeah, I guess that's it for today's vlog. Don't worry more of them are on the way!

  • So I'll see you in the next one.

  • Bye!

Good morning, it's time to go to school!

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