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  • vote ace effort here in Harlem.

  • I might give you a sad for starter pack, which is bikes, man.

  • Wellness, getting your hands and your feet done.

  • And then we're going to get some jewels.

  • My boy will piece.

  • Follow me.

  • Wait.

  • You got you got spots like this in Harlem.

  • Black home.

  • If you've got your giant dime, that's like a plus.

  • That's like a cherry on top.

  • I get motivated, and I'm gonna spy about walking the streets and seeing people being environments.

  • I might come up with a song just like sitting on my head.

  • A girl talked him out or whatever.

  • I get to be in a conversation.

  • See what woman is talking about when I'm gonna know so long.

  • So I like to get out.

  • You know, have a drink called uptown.

  • I want you to take You have tasted uptown.

  • I wanted to go have, like, something that reminded people off day in Harlem.

  • That was son.

  • You could make it at home.

  • I'm gonna make sure that like you put all the ingredients right here, make a real shine to take stock of things.

  • Dominance.

  • I think my guy.

  • Well, jewelers lost about five girls.

  • Probably for me.

  • Yes, for lost diamonds.

  • Make He's lost it at least once.

  • I was on a flight to Australia and I have my grills.

  • I took him out to eat.

  • I had him on the trade.

  • I'm going to sleep out for, like, five hours.

  • Wake up like I was crazy.

  • I'm like, Hold up.

  • The shit's gotta be on this plane.

  • I'm like this Indian garbage on the plane.

  • All Australia pulling out trays.

  • You see, people fool their shit like that.

  • They was eating everything.

  • I found it, found it, found it and putting him You want to hold it for a few minutes?

  • The way I check is I have the remaining of the putty in my hands When I wait till that part hardens once I know it's hard.

  • I know that that part of this is if you don't take it is this is a Shanda learn.

  • Not even ashamed is a Shanda.

  • So this had an imprint looked once it's done told you, get those big T there's more gold.

  • There's more money already at Alta, but this is just you know what it is.

  • There's like some kids.

  • They play basketball.

  • Some kids playing baseball.

  • Thanks.

  • All the bikes is yellow because yellow, like one of my favorite color Hello just stands out to me yellow among Harlem.

  • We all like to stand out a lot of Harlem guys playing buoyant with style.

  • That is what I want to represent.

  • Represent Harlem at the bottom of the bike.

  • You see Mayor forever.

  • That's it.

  • That's a tribute today, a mirror which is one of the best bike riders that I wanted.

  • Hey, thanks for hanging out with me today.

  • Both.

  • I'm not just get into some New York.

  • I love you Peace.

vote ace effort here in Harlem.

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24 Hours With A$AP Ferg in Harlem | Vogue

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/04/13
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