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  • happy moments.

  • I think you can't be marauding Judoon coming back.

  • That's great.

  • Nor draw for roles.

  • Or I do love all years.

  • Alan.

  • I love his conversations with Ruth.

  • I hear things they don't call me all years, Alan, for nothing.

  • It's not a nickname.

  • You give it to yourself, is it?

  • I love him confronting the dune trying Thio ally with the Joe Dude and then realizing that one slap has just taken it.

  • Thio, you big lug.

  • That was funny.

  • We were on a plane that was crashing me.

  • Mandate and Brad had understood huge pressure.

  • That would be a pressure and gravity.

  • Where is to set, which completely all right, But it's X virus like Fabrice hanging on, shaking his leg like proper fallen.

  • And then we watched Play that well, all right, yeah, the plane's going down.

  • You'd be like, You've been Bean Sook to be a huge suction in here.

  • We just don't write, like, kinda wolfed.

  • Think down his face.

  • It's a good entrance, right?

  • Moments that are sort of both African Internet moments with Jody and Sasha are on screen together.

  • Andi, sort of scenes with just the two of them are crooked smile.

  • How do yourself Definitely all this death finally made you happy, Ecstatic, And has it calmed?

  • All the rage so compelling and so brilliant to actors absolutely be at the top of their game, telling this incredibly mythological but emotional story.

  • You get the rushes and just feel lucky to be watching him, and I'm gonna be the 1st 1 to work.

  • Wait for people to see this on the history between us.

  • Trust me.

  • Some things.

  • It's the rage and pain in my heart.

  • One of the scenes to shoot that was really epic.

  • It was the first time for all of us having shot with Sasha for an entire episode on the very last day of that episode was shot him turning into the master doctor.

  • I did say, Look for the spy master, or should I say Spy master and seeing sashes Performance of the Master for the first time, we were all of it.

  • Oh my God, he's gonna pull out the bag on her best enemy.

  • Every Siri's always takes you through the whole range of emotions.

  • But this some of the things that team have achieved is extraordinary.

  • Everybody's talents and service the show and how much they all love.

  • Doctor who?

  • And they love it.

  • As much of the long term, hardcore, most passionate man people who work in the most passionate, they are working to make the show the best it can be, and the love that core into it is just phenomenal.

  • So a lot of the emotion of the show for me working on it is tied up in other people's brilliance.

happy moments.

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Emotional, Happy, Serious | Doctor Who | BBC America

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