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You can't miss it.
You didn't call from 11 to or the question is, who buys alcohol from 11 to 2?
What happened to your wife?
Minutes three minutes were legally able to buy alcohol.
Now, right, let's get drinks.
Let's go and get some Jimmy Cheung, I know we're not supposed to because we're in Thailand and you're not supposed to see what you can you can get, but we can't get it in Japan.
So we gotta have a junk.
We're gonna go grab a quick lunch, and then we're going to head over to caught on beach.
But men this morning that serves mission was super fun.
It was my first time.
It was Michaela's first time ending.
We didn't.
Okay, I don't like the lines that you have to wait for, but you know, when someone is really good I mean, just, like, stay on the wave, You're like, Come on, I want more.
I want more tries.
I've seen like people go in the afternoon and online is way, way longer.
So I think if you do in here, it's best thio do it early in the morning because that's what it was like most people.
So before we go to the hotel, we're going to go pick up some Tom yum come suit.
Nothing beats shopping at a supermarket.
I mean, the prices are so a portable, you can't go wrong.
It has everything that Tokyo doesn't just super nice.
But unfortunately, you can't bring everything back, So we're just gonna bring back in this, so it looks like the going price is 400.
So we need to find a taxi for less than 400 everywhere to give up, give up.
You've got down at 400 a few times on.
I really don't think I just actually talk to another guy.
And I really don't think we're gonna get our past 400.
This is, like way too difficult.
Founded for 400 he's really lucky I come Ah, they want this time.
But next time he's laughing at me because I gotta find it.
I only got 400 supportive.
I love her.
Oh, your friend Bargain.
Good negotiator.
10 minutes, minutes, minutes of George fast.
Let's check out the pool over there.
We got here and we realized that tongue in kata is like, completely different They're like Hollywood Boulevard taunting beach.
It's a lot quieter streets or a lot cleaner.
If you want more relaxing trip, then go to Kolkata Beach.
But if you want, like a party like go out, have fun go crazy gonna see and then baton his replace.
But we're really, really liking kata.
So I think today day is going to be a beach day.
It's super nice.
It's super hot and the super is white and blue.
This is what we live for.
Oh, what a day!
What a really, really fun.
I just lost my glasses.
This sucks.
It's really so awesome.
Day at the beach found my glasses after it got lost.
Way went well, You boarding on?
Yeah, man.
Super Super fun.
Wait just back to the restaurant beach with Awesome had so much fun today.
Some of five o'clock I haven't eaten since breakfast company.
Michael, You wanted some oysters.
Get on.
That's huge.
It's so rating here on the beach.
Really, really raining way.
Need to go pick up our laundry and then we need to go get even know it's ready.
I love it.
It's still a good day.
So long we got our laundry.
A little confusion.
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Thai GIRL says I CANT BUY Alcohol

50 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 14, 2020
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