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Hi everybody! Today I'm going to show you how to make
Korean spicy rice cake called ddeokbokki.
5 years ago
I already posted the recipe and video but today I'll remake
this one. Ok let's get it started!
This is my homemade rice cake for tteokbokki and I'm going to use this today. This is exactly 1 pound. I measured.
First thing you have to do is make delicious broth.
Without delicious broth tteokbokki is bland.
Anchovy stock, that's my favorite. If you are vegetarian,
use a can of vegetable stock. Over medium-high heat
4 cups of water.
7 dried anchovies we need.
Remove the heads and guts. Heads and guts inside,
Just press this way.
And take it out. We are going to use
7 dried anchovoies.
You may ask: "Oh how about 8 anchovies?" It's ok.
Dried kelp. Dashima, in Korean. We are going to use
5 and 6 inches size.
And dump in there. Boil this for about 15 minutes.
without the lid. Because this dried anchovy is a little fishy
and fish smell has to evaporate.
Meanwhile, this rice cake that I made yesterday
I cut this in around 3 and half inch pieces.
This is store bought
rice cake. Really thinner! Thinner and smaller.
I'm going to use this, but you can use either one.
And today I'm going to add
fish cake balls then eggs. Hard boiled eggs.
I usually prefer tteokbookie made with only rice cake
but I found a lot of people love to add some fish cakes
and noodles - ramyeon noodles - and eggs, so I'm going to use 2 eggs.
My anchovy stock is boiling, and I'm going to make sauce.
Really spicy, really red sauce.
And then I'm going to use hot pepper paste and hot pepper flakes.
and sugar, that's all! One third cup
hot pepper paste.
Hot pepper flakes, 1 tbs. Mild hot pepper flakes not very spicy.
and 1 tbs sugar.
So we are going to add this with rice cake together.
so we are going to add 3 green onions. Save some for the garnish later.
and cut this around 2 and a half inches long.
If this is too thick, cut it in half lengthwise. like this.
And this is for garnish.
I will shell this egg.
So 15 minutes I boiled this. Let's taste this.
This is delicious or not?
Mmm! Very good! Very deep flavor! Nice
Strain these guys.
And anchovies. You can eat anchovies and kelp. Add everything.
First put the rice cake.
And sauce.
Gently stir this. Green onion...
If we want to add the fish cake, this is the right time.
so keep stirring this until this rice cake absorbs the broth.
The broth should thicken and shiny.
Looks awesome. Green onion
make this broth more tasty. So I always use green onion.
When your friends are all together
when they watch this sizzling rice cake their appetite is going to be already stimulated!
7 minutes I kept stirring.
Gently like this. And now I wanna show you the consistency.
Really thickened and juicy, awesome
Our tteokbokkie is done! Beautiful!
We made really nice shiny tteokbokki.
So let me taste it!
Mmm! Like this.
Cheers, everybody! Delicious tteokbokki we made!
Mmm! Delicious! This rice cake texture is like
mozzarella cheese. Chewy and soft.
Spicy sweet. Awesome! Enjoy my recipe!
See you next time! Bye!
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Spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki: 떡볶이)

163 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 14, 2020
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