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  • Yes, de [Una] [Bella] [Lexi] [Ma] su. [all] my stuff. Yeah, suck [ups] of new school friend Scheidegger, Korea Peter boy

  • Sara Ganim Alex welcome to the finnish episode of French guy cooking today. We are making a simple and true terellian pastry from finland

  • That's why I finish

  • It's a small pie with a thin right crust and a feeling of right

  • Right also has a delicious and really distinctive flavor and in my opinion once you taste it you're hooked forever

  • Carolien pasties are really simple to [make] and I think that with a minimum of effort

  • They [will] give you a great preview of a finished traditional dish

  • Traditional Finnish Dish anyway that being said let's make

  • First off, we make a traditional filling rice pudding one cup Risotto rice or short grain

  • while he [dough] will make

  • three pinch sugar 1 pinch salt and that's it of

  • Course you can add all the flavors, but I want to keep it simple

  • Bring the milk and the rice to a boil

  • As soon as it boils lower the heat to a bare simmer and let it good for about 20 minutes or so

  • Never let the milk alone or even worse

  • Covered when you're trying to boil it the milk will bubble the fat from the milk will prevent the bubbles from topping

  • Meaning that more and more bubbles will get bigger and bigger

  • Eventually everything will boil over like a volcano

  • and it will just

  • burn and stink which depending on who's cleaning afterwards can be seen as a pretty immature and terrible mess, [or]

  • [as] a fairly interesting science experiment

  • At the end take it off the heat and let it cool down on the side cover it up

  • Now let's make the dough of the karelian pasties the true nature [of] this dish is related [to] the use of rye flour

  • But due to difficulties in control while baking it. It's usually mixed up with wheat flour

  • [so] in a bowl go 2 cups rye flour and 1 cup. Wheat flour

  • Mix that with a cup of water and a teaspoon of salt work the dough until smooth and thick

  • Flatten it roughly and cut out pieces of it using a glass or a mug as a cookie cutter

  • Stack [the] rye flour [disk] on design and place a bowl over them to prevent them from drying

  • To form one pastry or pasty proceed as following

  • Take one disk and flatten it a thin as you can with a rolling pin [at]

  • the end you want to get a thin and oval-shaped disc of dough, but

  • [it's] one of two [tablespoon] rice pudding in the center and spread it into an oval shape

  • To give it its final and typical [Karelian] shape

  • Fold the left and right Edges toward the Center. Leave a small space in between

  • now starting in the center and going downwards gently pinch the dough between your fingers and

  • Creating nice waves turn it over and repeat

  • Place them on parchment paper on a baking tray and pop them in a preheated oven for about 10 minutes at 275

  • Celsius or until Golden [Brown]

  • Out of the oven brush them with melted butter

  • [I] love the space treats the taste is so simple pure and deep I think the rye really gives it some proper attitude

  • They look like the perfect take away even the crust keeps the finger clean and this

  • Naturally leads us to my twisted version of the [Carolien] pasty

  • It's so convenient and full [of] energy that I want to turn it into a breakfast concentrate so in my rice pudding

  • I'm adding honey raisin crushed hazelnut and white blueberries to reinforce that finish side

  • This is [now] the Karelian morning booster pasty [I]

  • Keep them in the fridge and during the morning rush. I just grab reheat and go thanks fins. You've just made my week

  • So guys that's it these spaces and the twisted one also are delicious

  • And I think you should definitely give it a try now [one] more thing in the past

  • Finnish Cuisine came under heavy fire from two countries

  • renowned for their cuisine italy and France

  • Sadly after doing some research

  • cuisine looks fresh and Vibrant and

  • Wild and really close to the nature and I definitely want to experience it furthermore. What do you think?

  • Fair not fair you tell me in the comments below

  • [I] really [hope] you enjoyed [this] recipes live come on. Share subscribe, whatever as you keep spreading the love but I

  • you


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Finnish Karelian Pasty : Classic & Twisted ! Karjalanpiirakka

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/04/13
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