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  • Hina Matsuri is on March 3rd, a day called Momo no Sekku

  • It's a festival held for young girls

  • My mother displays hina dolls for Yuka* every year *his sister

  • These dolls protect young girls from disease and accidents...

  • drawing the ills and bad luck out from the girls, and suffering in place of them

  • So, these dolls are displayed to help girls grow healthily and happily

  • Usually we begin displaying them once setsubun* is finished... *the day before spring

  • the beginning of spring, about February 4th, or at the latest the 24th

  • [They are displayed until March 3rd...]

  • [...the day of Hina Matsuri]

  • Our hina dolls are made in Kyoto...

  • ...and we don't really know why, but Odairi-sama's [the emperor]...

  • ...well, the man and the woman's* seats are reversed *Ohina-sama

  • Well, since our dolls are Kyosei...

  • ...which means made in Kyoto...

  • Odairi-sama and Ohina-sama's places are switched

  • Normally it's the opposite

  • Hishi-mochi* *diamond-shaped rice cakes

  • Well, this isn't the real thing

  • How do you call that?

  • Imitation?

  • Model?

  • Usually you display real mochi, but...

  • Kyoto...

  • Kyosei means Kyoto-sei*, right? *made in Kyoto

  • Hina

  • Hina dolls

  • When Yuka was little...

  • Did I wear it?

  • No, you didn't

  • How old was she when...

  • On her first Hina Matsuri

  • So when she was a baby

  • When she was small, really young...

  • Probably her first Hina Matsuri... [she wore one]

  • There are seven steps

  • Are there really seven steps there?

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...

  • This one has two

  • There is a song...

  • ...about Hina Matsuri

  • Congratulations O-Hina Matsuri

  • Yuka

  • Please sit down, please sit

  • SIT!

  • All right!

  • She sat!

Hina Matsuri is on March 3rd, a day called Momo no Sekku

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Hina Matsuri Dolls in a Japanese Home/ひな人形

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/04/13
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