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The art of persuasion is a subtle complex discipline which requires skill but lucky for all our viewers out there
We are gonna let you in on 15 useful tricks hidden in the enormous wealth of psychological knowledge
Millions of people all over the world have been swindling manipulating and persuading people with great success, but how do they do it?
If you understand how the human brain works and what makes people tick
You too can learn how to make people do pretty much whatever you want
The only question is whether you'll use this power for good or for evil
1.The Reciprocity Norm
The Reciprocity norm is a pretty simple concept and one of the most powerful ways to convince others to do something for you
What it all boils down to is you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
Once you do a favor for someone else
They'll be more likely to help you in return with whatever you ask them
2. The Chameleon Effect
Research has also shown that mimicking someone will make them more agreeable towards you. It's called the chameleon effect
Try copying their posture or body language and they might be more likely to help you out
3. Don't get caught rambling
when it comes to the art of persuasion, less is more
Instead of listing all the various reasons why you're right and they're wrong
focus on one or two main points of the most. One good reason is ideal
4. Start small. This is known as the foot in the door technique
Basically what this means is that if you ask someone for a small favor such as borrowing a quarter
They're more likely to continue doing favors for you, even big ones!
But if you just start off with asking to borrow their car, you might have less success
5. Status
Status is important when asking people for favors
Use their official titles such as doctor mister professor
And don't forget to use their name
People love to hear their own name and they like to feel respected
6. Speak faster. Are you a fast talker?
Well, if you want to convince people that you're right, quickly getting your point across can be an advantage according to research
Speaking quickly overwhelms their brains and doesn't give them a chance to form a rebuttal
7. Contrasting
Every salesman knows this technique.
Start big and back down, but the key here is to ask for more than what you actually want
Eventually, you can scale back your demands and you'll be left with what you originally wanted in the first place
8. Repetition Bias
This is also known as the Goebbels effect
Repeating the same lie often enough will eventually convince people
If you continue to repeat your opinion, even if it's wrong people will be more likely to accept it
9. Wait till they're tired. If you're trying to convince someone, wait till they're tired
Research has shown that critical thinking goes out of the window when people are tired
and they're more likely to agree with whatever you're saying
10. Remind them of the benefits
When trying to convince someone to do something or to take a particular opinion always phrase your argument in terms of how they benefit
Always mention what you're offering them before you talk about what you want from them?
11. Priming
A very interesting method is priming. There are many ways to do this and you can really get creative
What it really boils down to is substantially reminding people or encouraging people to do something or take a particular opinion
The classic example is if you want someone to write you a check make sure there's a checkbook nearby when you ask
But that's just scratching the surface when it comes to priming and there are plenty more examples of how this can work
12. Sensationalism. Get excited about whatever you're selling even if that's an opinion
Make sure the person thinks that the time is running out
There's a limited supply if they don't act now the opportunity will go away. You've probably seen this a lot in commercials
13. Make sure people are watching. This one only works if you're trying to convince someone to do the right thing and
Why wouldn't you be doing that? Anyway, when people are watching
Individuals feel like they're being judged by society at large. So they're more likely to do the right thing
14. Choose your words carefully
Words have incredible power over people say please and thank you. Don't use big complicated words
It insults their intelligence. Nouns have more convincing power than Verbs. "Help her" instead of "Help".
There are countless examples of beneficial words and once to stay away from
15. Get your friends to agree with you. This is also known as the bandwagon effect
Make sure that people who you're trying to convince know that a lot of other people agree with you
Social media can be a huge help in this case.
If everyone agrees with your opinion online more tend to jump on the bandwagon
So there you have it, 15 tried-and-true methods to persuade others
What did you think of this video? Did you like it or the points too generic?
Do you want us to cover another list with different tone? Leave your comments below?
Psych2Go mission is to make psychology accessible for everyone. That's our number one goal
We know the power of psychology and we want to help everyone else harness that. However doing this comes at a huge expense
We're hoping you could check out our patreon below and consider being a supporter
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15 Psychological Mind Tricks To Get People To Do What You Want

32 Folder Collection
Seraya published on April 13, 2020
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