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How many hats are you bringing?
Hmm, can't I just get that there?
No, what if we land on one of those little planes and we land right in the sun.
We're normal people on a commercial airline, we're gonna go through like one of those, like, accordion things.
Wait, Ella, have you not started packing?
Oh my God.
We have two days!
Oh my God, Ella!
Okay, I will, I promise.
Mom, how much you think it is to bring a cat on a plane?
No, I think people do it, I've seen it before.
No mom, the place that we're staying at 432 positive reviews on AirBnB, the chance that the man who owns it is a serial killer is like 0.001 percent.
Fine, I won't, okay, fine.
Yeah I have 100 SPF, did you even know they made that?
They do.
What's this?
Check, backup hat, check, sundress, and make a checklist.
Body wash, shampoo.
Oh, thank you, cheers, cheers.
I'm a good daughter, obviously, and I'm not gonna bring my cat on the plane, I know that.
It's just the principle.
I knew you would be late.
I'm here, I'm here.
Do you have your phone charger?
Buying one.
Also buying one.
But, I have my phone, I have my wallet, and my keys...
Okay, but do you have your ID?
Yes, I have my ID.
Wait, where's...
-What? -Wait, did I give you my ID?
Oh my god.
-No I left it at home! I left it at home. -Ashley!
Are you serious?
Hold the plane!
Ashley, are you serious?
Do you see how this is ironic?
I'll meet you there.
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Hot Mess Vs. Organized

116 Folder Collection
luna.chou published on April 13, 2020
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