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Hey, how's it going?
Welcome back to another episode to TwoSet Violin.
This is a series where classical musicians try out, um,
music related rhythm games, to see if...
...our background training, our 20+ years of practice
makes a difference.
Now the game today is a classic, actually.
It's called "osu!"
I've never played it myself,
but I've seen...some gameplay footage,
- it's pretty intense. - I have no idea what it is.
I think there's a video of this, like,
there's this Asian kid, for his talent show in school,
he just pulled out "osu!" and put it on the projector,
and went...
We downloaded the game, we never played it ourselves,
uh...it only works on Windows,
which means we had to figure out how to use Windows.
Please forgive us if it takes a while to figure this out.
Hey, how's it going?
Hey guys!
- You might be wondering what's happening. - Yeah.
This is what's happening:
we recorded a video,
For about an hour,
and then we realized the screen recording isn't working.
Oh f***, I f***ed it!
That's recording!
Is it? How do you know?
It just...just stopped it!
Alright. Let's try that again.
I think I know it.
It actually didn't work.
It actually didn't work.
Are you serious...?
Also, I said I never played it, but,
I've played it now 'cause of our last recording,
so we're gonna try again,
and see if we can top what we did last time.
Alright, let's go.
Bring it on!
Here we go.
This is...the mouse doesn't work.
- Dude, this is...this looks so hard, - This is so...
you picked the hard one bro.
Dude, too early!
Ohh whoa!!!
What the—why's there one there?
Nah, nah, okay.
Nah, let's just do this taiko.
Why is it two, sometimes one?
Is this optional?
No, but the big one is double.
- The big one's double. - Yeah.
And the ones are optional.
You guys got the Beethoven Virus?
- Based on Sonata number 8 in C minor, "Pathétique". - Oh, it's so hard!
Oh dude, you're doing so much better this time, 44%!
There's proof that practice makes perfect.
The first time we did this, dude,
you got like 30%.
What the f...
Dude it's so sore!
- I can't click anymore. - That looks so painful.
Oh, dammit.
What's your score?
- My turn. - Oh my god.
- 153,664. - Yeah.
Dude, there's lag on the com—TV!
I gotta press earlier than the screen!
That's messed up!
Dude, there's lag!
Which one are you looking at?
I'm trying to figure out which one's better,
because there's lag!
It's so s***!
I think the computer screen's better, right?
- Dude, my f***ing thing is hurting so much. - Oh.
What are you...
You're missing!
So bad!
Eddy's going one-handed—ohh.
- Nah, there's lag! - 155,360.
Dude, I have 44% last time!
- Okay, so this is the mouse-clicking one guys. - Yeah.
Or...I think so, right?
This is the drum.
Alright, here we go.
Do I look up?
Yeah, do I look up there?
You can't listen to it.
- You're clicking before the beat, hey. - Yeah.
- Oh, your turn! - Alright.
Yeah, I'm trying like...
- ...a little bit ahead, earlier. - If I go with the...
- It's a bit lag, you gotta... - It's too late.
Yeah. *chuckles*
Guys, it's an anticipation game.
It's like playing like a,
French Horn playing in an orchestra,
- you gotta play ahead of the beat, - You gotta...yeah, you go...
'cause you sit behind.
It's a bit ahead.
- Bam!!! - *chuckles*
Well you made it.
- Oh, I didn't make it. - What did I get?
What did I get? What did I get? What did I get?
- C! - Whoa, C!
Dude, I only missed 2 and that's a C!
So if you miss one, that's a B,
if you miss zero, that's an A.
That's such Asian grading!
Yeah, it's like, "You gotta be perfect."
"Two wrong?!"
"And you're C!"
- Alright, guys. - Should we try the super hard one?
- Yeah. - Like last time?
Did you look at that? Or just...
I looked at this, but I tried to...
- ...hear the music ahead of time. - Yeah, you got to...
- Like that. - Yeah.
I was...that was so much ahead...
Oh, I was not ready for that.
Haha, you rage quit.
- Okay. - I want to see how many points you get.
Whoever gets less points has to...
Practice 40 hours.
- Oh no...! - *laughs*
I'm gonna get less points!
- Oh, I keep missing the one! - 1,862.
- Your turn. - Alright, my turn.
Oh, I keep missing that one!
My eyes hurt.
I know.
*chuckles* Yeah.
Oh nice.
- Oh there's two there! - Ahh!!!
Wait, one more time.
- Super hand-eye coordination. - Look at Chopin in the background.
- Liszt. - Oh, I mean Liszt.
Look at Liszt in the background! Oops.
Oh, no!
The lag got me in the beginning!
- Whoa! - So fast!
- Wait, I want one last time, one last time. - Okay.
Guys, this is harder than the actual Paganini—Liszt...
Oh, Paganini composed this, by the way.
Did you know?
- And then Listz copied it to the piano. - *chuckle*
Nah, just kidding.
Oh s***!
No, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, that was a joke!
- Instantly cursed by the piece. - It's like, "Bam! What did you say?!"
Liszt just shut me down.
- I want to try it. One last time. - *groans*
- This is actually what it's like practicing a passage. - Yeah, it just...
Never gets better.
- I'm getting more and more frustrated! - You're just repeating...
It's like practicing the computer.
The computer's an instrument now, guys,
did you know— *laughs*
You went the wrong...
I went the wrong way!
When you're like,
"I've finished practicing violin."
So you want a break and play computer,
thinking you'll have a chill time.
Yeah, nah.
Dude, I barely messed up!
- *laughs* - I barely messed up!
One more time...
- Ohhh!!!! I made it to the end of the phrase! - Ohh!!!
- I made it to the end of the phrase! - Okay.
Alright, I'm out.
- I'm out. - I think that's enough for today, guys.
Yeah, okay. I'm gonna try again.
Please like and subscribe!
We're gonna practice.
- Actually I have to practice. - We're practicing Liszt on the "osu!"
Oh that was a 50.
All right guys, please like and subscribe.
I'm on the camera.
We're actually gonna practice properly now.
Violin sits there.
Have fun with this.
I mean, don't play this game,
go practice.
That's what you should be doing.
Anduh, we'll see you guys next time.
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The Hardest Rhythm Game!? Classical Musicians Try OSU

19 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on April 10, 2020
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