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(gun shots)
You shoot me, I'll shoot you.
(playful guitar music)
I'm a cowboy.
I work with horses.
I teach horseback riding.
It's what I do, every day, is I work with horses.
I haven't sat down in front of a video game console
since they were much bigger and had cartridges.
A couple of years ago, somebody said,
"There's a video game with horses,
"and you can catch horses, or something."
But, that's as much as I ever heard about it.
I've never actually played it. (laughs)
I'm kind of excited to see
what it's like to actually catch a horse.
Oh, I spooked the horse, oh great.
I spooked the damn horse.
All right, where's my horse?
Come on.
Oh, (laughs) sneaking up on me.
That's what spooked the horse.
I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.
- [Arthur] It's okay.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Nope, nope, no.
Ooh, there's a person.
I'm gonna rope you.
- [Arthur] Hey, move it.
(horse whinnies)
There ya go.
Ooh, ooh.
- [Man] Stay down.
- There it goes, there it is.
Come on, can I kick?
From like MMA?
Something, one of these happens to do something.
That was, ooh, I kicked him.
I don't know what I'm gonna do with him.
I'll put him in the bushes.
Ooh (laughs) I always wanted to do this.
Yo, no.
Aww my god, this is so cool.
This is terrible, what happened in here?
Oh well, what can I take?
That guy's nice.
Need some help?
L2. (gun fires)
That's not what I meant to do, okay.
Ooh, ooh.
That's deer, I know that jumping.
All right, I'm thinking I need to do the scent thing,
and I need a bow.
Ooh, bunny rabbit.
How about a bunny rabbit instead of a deer?
Oh come on, that was a good one.
Did I get him?
I got him, I know I got him.
Yeah, that is blood.
Gonna shoot a squirrel.
Yeah, I got a squirrel.
That's just not gonna taste as good.
There's a turkey.
Where'd that turkey go?
(mimics bird) Got 'em.
Squirrel and turkey stew.
Can't hold it very long.
- [Man] You satisfied now?
- Oh, those are cows.
No way, that's cool, whoa.
Hep, hep.
Did I just steal something?
I stole somebody's stuff.
Get going, get going.
We're gonna crash this thing.
These are not meant for this kinda,
ooh, there's a road.
Do you need help, sir?
You need a shirt.
Oops, sorry.
Wait, wait, wait.
Okay, circle.
Yep, I feel bad doing this. (laughs)
I really feel bad, but you started it.
I haven't saved anybody,
I think that's the big one that I need to do.
I'm gonna rob ya, 'cause the buttons there.
I feel horrible.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I don't wanna shoot ya.
I pressed L2, I was gonna talk to ya.
Are those wild boars?
No way, cool.
They're nasty, those things.
They're real mean.
(boar squeals)
Oh, what was that?
Was that a boar?
I told you they were nasty.
There are things on this map that mean something.
They're little yellow things,
and I'm gonna go towards those yellow things.
It's kind of a gallop, they're close.
Now, I'm in a canter, let's get down to a trot.
Trot, trot, trot, keep going.
That's kind of a go.
They kinda got it right on this,
I'm kind of impressed with the horse stuff.
This would destroy a horse, by the way,
running on all these.
You'd have broken ankles all over.
Oh, hey-lo, how's it going?
All right.
Well, okay.
I wanna play, but I wanna help Reverend Swanson.
See, once again, I'm just failing at helping people.
Now, what's going on, what are you doing?
Do I have to get in a fight with this big guy?
Can I just Indiana Jones him?
Yeah, come on.
Oh no, I lost my gun.
There he goes, that's it.
Oh, now I got assault?
I was just protecting Reverend.
(gun fires)
There you go, did I get ya?
(gun fires) Stop getting up.
Oh what was the movie with the kids?
Stand By Me.
All right, Reverend, I just killed a bunch of people for ya.
Did you get your foot stuck?
This guy.
Oh, and the train's coming. (yells out)
I seriously have sweaty hands, now.
All right, that's going to be
an uncomfortable ride. (laughs)
Look at him, ewe-ing his neck.
See how he lifts his nose like that?
That's a trouble horse.
You need to work with that horse.
Tennessee Walker?
Oh, he's a Tennessee Walker.
He's not a Tennessee Walker, I'm just saying.
He wouldn't trot.
Tennessee Walkers don't trot.
Drop ya in bed.
This guy just looks like he wants to be punched.
I just want to randomly say hi to people, hi.
Ooh, no, no, no.
I don't want it, no thank you.
You okay?
Can I drag him?
Drag him, yeah.
Horse bonding achieved.
I bonded with my horse.
He loves me.
I'm gonna give you a name.
It's kind of like an Appaloosa-looking thing.
Gonna call him Jubee.
Jubee's a good...
Did I get it?
I got it, I got you.
All right, now what?
Oh, I can kill him.
Or, I can get dragged.
Well, honestly, that was a lot of fun.
I think I could disappear for a whole day or two,
forget about showering and sleeping, and just do that.
My favorite thing, though, was jumping onto the train.
That was like an all-time dream, that I feel like
I lived a little bit of a dream right there.
(playful guitar music)
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A Real Cowboy Plays Red Dead Redemption 2 Professionals Play

13 Folder Collection
On Chun Wong published on April 9, 2020
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