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desperate for a beach break? Me too.\ \
Kicking us off at number 12 is a beach in Portugal's famous Algarve region. It's just
a 15 minute drive from the holiday town of Albuferia and a great excuse to escape the
holiday masses. What's great about this beach is the beautiful rock formations that have
been created over time due to erosion. It's really quite something.\
\ Number 11 is Praia de Santa Maria - a stunning
white sand beach in the capital of the island of Sal in Cape Verde. From the beach you can
watch the hustle and bustle of the fishing pier which is the soul of the town. And locals
say you have come to Sal until you've jumped off the pier, so if you're up for the challenge
- then you've gotta take the plunge! \ \
Porthmeor Beach in St Ives, Cornwall is one of England's little gems and my number 10.
It's a long sandy beach in the heart of the town and popular with families and surfers
alike, having one of the best surf schools in the country.\
\ At number 9 is El Golfo beach in Lanzarote.
It's a volcanic beach on the outskirts of Timanfaya National Park with completely black
sand. On one end of the beach is a bright green lake called El Lago Verde, and on the
other end the small seaside town of El Golfo which has excellent seafood restaurants and
walks. \ \
At number 8 it's Khlong Prao beach on the island of Koh Chang in Thailand - a beach
that will help you forget your troubles and blissfully relax. I recommend going to watch
the sunset and then getting a table on one of the beachside restaurants and watching
the spectacular fire show done by locals.\ \
At number 7 it's Playa de las Teresitas - a long sandy beach in Tenerife, just outside
the capital Santa Cruz. This beach is in the north of the island which means it\'92s much
quieter than beach you're going to find in the south which attract a lot of tourists.
\ \
Unawantana is loved by locals and tourists alike, and with palm trees, white sands, blue
waters to surf and swim, it's easy to see why. \
\ And in at number 5 it's Playa Maderas in Nicaragua.
This is a super relaxed and rustic surf beach but it comes with the biggest and best sunset
I have ever seen. Take me back.\ \
We've made it to number 4 and it's Kite Beach in Dubai which is a beautiful beach but it's
also great to come to have a lot of fun! There's kitesurfing, beach volleyball, beach tennis,
yoga, kayaking plus you will get some great views of the Burj Al Arab.\
\ Moving into the top 3, and at number 3 it's
Reynisfjara - a beach on Iceland\'92s south coast and one of the most hauntingly beautiful
places in the world. The beach is famous for a rock stack that, according to legends, are
the remains of trolls that stayed out at sea for too long and turned to stone at dawn.\
\ And at number 2 it's Playa Norte - a beach
on the small paradise island of Isla Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico. The beach is breathtakingly
beautiful, think white sand and crystal clear oceans. I recommend renting a golf buggy as
you get off the boat to find the beach and explore the island in full! \
\ And we've made it! My number 1 best beach
in the world is Anthony Quinn Bay on the Greek Island of Rhodes. Climb down the cliff edge
to discover a bay of turquoise waters and rugged terrain, it\'92s like a secret oasis.
Fun fact: the beach is named after the actor Anthony Quinn who fell in love with the beach
when filming The Guns of Navarone. Quinn was gifted the bay in recognition of the film
and if you come here you'll see for yourself why he was so taken aback by its beauty. \
\ If you've got a favourite beach then let me
know in the comments below and then subscribe to our channel. See you again soon for the
next World's Best.}
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12 BEST beaches in the WORLD | World's Best

11 Folder Collection
大文 published on April 9, 2020
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