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- Oh my gosh, we are matching today.
- Oh, hey! Look at that.
- Look at this!
Wow, you got some good style.
- Hey, you do, too.
- Oh, man, we are completely matching.
- Well, not completely.
It's like different shades of red, but...
- Hey, it's close enough, huh.
- No way. Dude, we're matching.
- Wow, same exact shirt.
- I see someone else likes to shop in Target.
- (laughs) Yeah.
- Dude, three days in a row.
- Wait, how?
My grandfather gave me this outfit.
- I know, this is so embarrassing.
I mean, we gotta get a picture, right.
- (maniacal laughter) There's no possible way
he can match me today. (maniacal laughter)
- Yo, dude, what! What, again?
- Oh no. No!
- Look at this!
This is crazy. Where are you going?
- Justin, again?
This is getting, what!
- You know what?
I knew this was going to happen.
So I came triple prepared. (maniacal laughter)
- Oh my gosh.
This is just so embarrassing.
We are completely matching.
- How? How!
- I just guess we have similar tastes. (laughs)
- It's impossible. Oh my God.
- This is out of this world bizarre. (laughs)
- How?
- Hey, you're wearing what Zack's wearing.
(laughs) You copied Zack.
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Your Friend Who Copies Your Style

8 Folder Collection
luna.chou published on April 8, 2020
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