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  • funny tonight here, America strong the music connecting us even when we were apart.

  • And the message from the UK tonight from one family that we're in this together.

  • The Marsh family, like so many families, home together for weeks trying to get along, posting this video from their home in the UK, Changing the lyrics to this song One dame or from the musical Les Bids.

  • I'm not destined on mind trying to get me to find this.

  • Nothing tells Time Way.

  • They wanted to provide other families with some much needed levity way Tonight.

  • Their message from across the pond.

  • I wear the marches on.

  • We're sending a hello from Kent in England to everybody at America.

  • Mom, Danielle, Dad Ben with this message.

  • America, You guys in the United States, we hope you're keeping well, staying safe, staying isolated on having a smile from time to time as you try and control your kids.

  • Music.

  • No surprise has been the great united here it home to in Buffalo, New York.

  • Every night.

  • 5:30 p.m. This everyone keeping their distance and their moves.

  • Duggan Naja playing D J a Z, their neighbors dance based no particular place to go Their message tonight to Hi, David.

  • We're here every night.

  • Rain or shine just like that family back in the UK Everyone proving we are in this together Ah, fist bump to end the song there.

  • Of course, we love that dancing and buffalo.

  • We really are in this together.

  • I'll see tomorrow.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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funny tonight here, America strong the music connecting us even when we were apart.

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