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New York's Empire State Building flashes in red and white like a siren, a sky high tribute to the ambulance workers tearing through the streets below, carrying Covad patients night and day to hospitals across the city.
Nearly 1000 people have died here, roughly 1/3 of a little US deaths in one single city.
I've welled up in tears of times, you know, when we take somebody's loved one out of their home.
Nobody's allowed to go with the patients, so we literally just take their loved ones.
And oftentimes we know that it will never see them again alive.
And these people will most likely die in a bed alone.
It's it's it's profound sadness.
With the hospital's full to capacity, they've pitched an overflow in Central Park, a makeshift medical center toe house, Another 68 virus patients in place of joggers and dog walkers, volunteers now hastily assembled shelves and unpack boxes they hope full of equipment that will save people's lives.
We expect to be full by the end of the day tomorrow, so we have ventilators in an I C U that are set up and ready to go, and this is why they need it.
Look inside this emergency room at Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, groaning patients are lined up bumper to bumper along tightly packed corridors and every ward.
Every inch of this hospital and it's 370 beds is being overrun by Cove in 19.
Well, this is a war zone.
It's a medical war zone.
Every day I come in.
What I see on a daily basis is pain, despair.
It's not easy coming here when you know that.
You're getting.
Raided phase.
More than 20 patients have died here, and the morgue is already full.
So outside the now familiar sight of white refrigerated trucks to shoulder the overflow staff to a stressed from doctors to cleaners, equipment is running out and they worry for their own safety.
We are scared to were fighting for your lives, and we're fighting for our own lives.
We're trying to keep my head above water and not drowned.
We need support way need gowns.
We need gloves.
We need mass.
We need more events way.
Need more medical space.
That's why they've taken over the pediatric unit, and this is the tiny window that family can look through to see their loved ones alone and in intensive care.
Only some of them don't get to leave alive.
Wheeled away like so many others.
The New York governor today begged President Trump to send help now, saying he'd been forced to buy ventilators from China because it was like bidding on eBay to secure enough in his own country.
Overwhelmed hospital workers, he says, deserve more.
This is ongoing, and the duration itself is debilitating and exhausting and depressing.
I'm speaking to healthcare professionals who say, Look more than physically tired.
I'm just emotionally tired, seeing the pain, seeing the death that they're dealing with every day.
As bad as New York is, other states like Florida a brimming with infections to sew these two cruise ships with hundreds of passengers have been ordered to stay offshore.
The san damn sailed from South America and was scheduled to dock on March the 21st.
But with four dead on board and 100 others, you, the governor has refused them entry.
They say they're looking for quarantine space, tow, isolate all 415 passengers, but until then they'll be left stranded at sea.
Well, the pain there you saw there in my piece on the ground is, of course, translating every day into economic pain.
Today, the investment bank Goldman Sachs said it now expects growth in the U.
S in the 1st 3 months of this year to plunge 9% on a staggering plunge of 34 percent in the second quarter here in the U.
In the months ending in June, those air levels not seen since the Great Depression.
It does then predict a sharp uptick across the summer months provided, of course, that we get a handle.
We get control off this virus.
It also predicts another 5.5 1,000,000 people 5.5 1,000,000 people will claim on insurance benefit in the U.
This week alone.
That's added to the 3.3 million who claimed it last week.
So you really get a sense of picture building of how quickly the U.
S economy is unraveling because off Corona virus.
The World Bank also weighed in today, saying it saw at least another 11 people being avid added to the poverty line across East Asia and the Pacific, it said.
Unless urgent action is taken ominously, it also predicts that China could, in fact Poth post practically no growth at all this year under a worst case scenario, down from about 6% growth in 20 19.
So you put that growth lack of growth in China, together with pain in the US and what you have is the world's two biggest economies suffering this year.
And as we know, if they suffer, then the rest of us suffer, too.
And the only conclusion we can draw is that it will take a long time for everyone to recover.
Sean Kennedy.
Well, I'm joined now from Annapolis by the Republican governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan.
He issued a stay at home order yesterday in order to slow the spread of the virus in his state.
Thank you for joining US Governor every day.
We see sort of bizarre contradictions between what state leadership is saying and what the president says in his press conferences, or you is the leader of estate able to do what you need to do to protect your people.
Well, look, it's really the federal government in all the states taking the actions that they believe are necessary to keep our citizens safe and keep them alive, and we're each taking independent actions.
But we're also trying to work together in addition to being the the governor of the state of Maryland, which surrounds our nation's capital here, right here in the Washington area, most of the chairman of all the nation's governors and we've been working together with the federal leaders.
But quite frankly, we were in a extremely difficult situation here in this global pandemic that is impacting you in the UK and it's it's now gripped the United States, not just in New York but all 50 states in America.
And right here in the nation's capital region, in my state and neighboring Washington, D.
And Virginia yesterday had to stay at home, order 14.5 1,000,000 people or now required to stay in their homes.
And we're about two weeks behind New York, where you're just just seeing what you were just talking about.
The same crisis is about to hit us here.
You have a very different health care system to the warm we have over here for people.
You don't have their own means.
What does it mean for them?
If they don't have insurance.
Well, we're trying to address the needs of every single person that's hit by this, whether they have insurance or not.
And the issue right now is not so much whether people have means or whether they have insurance.
It's about the capacity of our health care system and whether or not we have enough hospital bed capacity and intensive care units and respirators and emergency room and enough personnel as you see what's happening in New York, it's not so much about whether people have the insurance or the funding.
It's about whether we actually have the ability to take care of so many sick people at the same time, that air just surging our hospitals.
What do you make of the leadership of Donald Trump through this?
Well, look, I think they're making some attempts toe to catch up, but there's been some mistakes that have been made, and but they have been reaching out to the governors and governors were taking their own independent actions, but they've taken some steps recently to try to try to get behind this thing.
But there's no question that we're behind the eight ball and we've got some we've got some important work to get done, and we're all I don't want to point fingers about what hasn't been done or who made which mistakes.
But we've gotta work together somehow because we're all in this together or not, just in America but around the world.
What we're looking at in Britain is the availability of testing, the availability of antibody testing, how we're going to try getting back to normal A ll, those sorts of things.
I mean, do you have the same shortages in the United States when it comes to things like ventilators that three exact same issues?
John was so testing is a huge problem.
We don't have enough testing.
We don't have enough masks or personal protective equipment or ventilators.
Um and so the exact same issues that you're faced with in the UK or what we're faced with here.
It really is a global issue, and we're all trying tobe to buy these things on the on the global market.
I heard her just a moment ago.
Talking about like buying on e went on eBay and we have 50 states in America all competing with one another and competing with the federal government and competing with other nations around the world to try to get what is really just a very small supply, not enough of any of these things anywhere in the globe.
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New York coronavirus cases surge - hospitals struggle to cope

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 7, 2020
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