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  • How's it looking?

  • Is there a bunch of gold in there?

  • There's some gold.

  • Well, like what's this?

  • That run looks nice.

  • Ric's crew has mined all of the paydirt.

  • Duncan Creek.

  • They clean up months.

  • The red's sluices.

  • For the last time this season, Stephanie were to be doing the last cleanup of the year.

  • Right now, hopefully we had a I know, you know, with our best cleanup, you need a good one.

  • We're certainly do a big cleanup.

  • As bleak as things have seen most of the season and even right now, the good news is that you know, if we can pull somewhere near 80 ounces out of this clean up, we're gonna break even that that might just be a victory in and of itself.

  • The final pay on top of the clay layer should be the best gold of the season.

  • Last of the gold here, Duncan Creek.

  • This year, this gig might not pay anybody's bills could be the end of our gold mining careers when some you lose some.

  • You know, this year we didn't get lucky, but I think we've got a good chance break even.

  • It's looking good.

  • So far looks like you're struggling means that heavy.

  • It's heavy enough.

  • Two weeks ago, record the year's highest cleanup at 63 ounces.

  • It wasn't abrupt ending this week.

  • I don't know if anyone saw that coming.

  • I know I didn't.

  • It's a rough one.

  • It will be the first time we've ever run out of PE and come to a stop before the weather kicked us out.

  • If there's not 80 ounces in there, we didn't get to her $500 break even point.

  • That's one last farewell kick in the balls.

  • You know much is in there.

  • This guy, it's gonna be close.

  • It's gonna be close.

  • Let's see.

  • Let's see.

  • Let's see.

  • Here we go, boys.

  • Rick needs 85 ounces just to break even Where we go.

  • 10 15 2030 40 50 60 65.26 ounces.

  • He's fallen short.

  • This is the best goalie we've had, and unfortunately there's nowhere else to go.

  • That's it.

  • That's the last one.

  • We gotta find the ground or something.

  • I don't know what else to do.

  • It's got to be another option.

  • None of us wanna walk home empty handed.

  • Sorry to put the pressure on you to figure this out, but well, you come through before, So do it again.

How's it looking?

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Will Rick's Final Weigh-In Give Him Enough Gold To Break Even? | Season 10 | Gold Rush

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/04/06
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