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  • What's up, guys?

  • We're doing perfect.

  • I'm Jacksonville, Melissa from Australia, the number one bowler in the world.

  • Welcome to Boeing.

  • Trick shot Broken makes welcome to another exclusive dude.

  • Perfect interview year with No, it's a normal Bolland.

  • Use one hand.

  • Yep.

  • I double the power.

  • Double spin.

  • Double the fun.

  • Jason's words.

  • It is literally impossible for him to hit me right here.

  • Been a Pro Bowler, actually.

  • That setting your language.

  • How long have you been a pro Bowler?

  • I've been a four way This'll flythe.

  • You have a wall?

  • I did not have a pet koala.

  • They're not that easy to capture.

  • Wait, wait, wait.

  • No, there's a blooming on.

  • You really is saying this is the world's longest strike.

  • Wait, Everybody says 7 10 split up Artist in the game aboutthe you.

  • I'm gonna teach you how to celebrate.

  • Sounds brilliant.

  • Makes wait.

  • Aluminum or aluminium way.

  • Nike swoosh.

  • No, No way.

  • Thanks for watching.

  • Gosh, Wedding.

  • Perfect.

  • Jason Belmont.

  • You wanna check out the last video checking out up in this corner?

  • You want a life?

  • Okay, check it out.

  • I'm sure you guys like music in the video checkout Royal tailors Ready.

  • Set go music video by cooking.

  • It didn't get in a bowling action.

  • Quick bonus video on the whistle channel.

  • Make sure you guys follow Jason at Jay Bell.

What's up, guys?

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