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Ah hehehe…
Oh man
Good morning everyone
If you saw my last video then you'll know that right now you should be…
That's right, Self Quarantining
Which means you need to be staying at home, away from other people
However, you may notice that by just sitting around
watching TV and doing nothing,
that fat is starting to form in places that
you didn't realize were even possible
So, what is that body fat called exactly?
We are going to be learning some cool, everyday 'Body Fat Slang'
that you can learn while you watch your body
devolve into a huge hideous blob over the next few months
So the first term we are going to learn today is
the 'Double Chin'
So if you'll start to notice, as you start to eat more and more
your fat will start to sag and it'll look like you have two chins
That's why it's called a 'Double Chin'
If I eat too much, I'll get a 'Double Chin'
I'm trying to get rid of my 'Double Chin' by exercising
As fat starts to grow here, it's called 'Water Wings'
Or 'Arm Flab'
Anything that jiggles or moves around
That's called 'Arm Flab' or 'Water Wings'
Ok and if we move down here to the stomach
This is what we call a 'Beer Belly'
If you drink a lot of beer, you'll notice the stomach
will start to swell up like so, and create a 'Beer Belly'
I've been growing a 'Beer Belly' lately
from all of the drinking and eating and lack of exercise
Some people's bodies like to store fat in the side area
This is something that your significant other (ex.
husband, wife)
can grab.
'Love Handles'
When somebody loves you, they can just grab these
That's why they're called 'Love Handles'
Or, the entire way around.
If you're really getting to the next level
This is what we call a 'Spare Tire'
It essentially looks like you ate a spare tire and it's in your stomach
That's why it's called a 'Spare Tire'
I'm trying to get rid of my 'Spare Tire' but I can't go outside
And, if you take the 'Double Chin', the 'Beer Belly', and the 'Water Wings'
This overall lack of attention to maintaining your body is called
a 'Dad Bod'
And as the name suggests, it's usually meant for men with 'Beer Bellies'
As I get older, I notice I am having a 'Dad Bod'
I hear 'Dad Bods' are really popular these days
If you really wanna take it to the next level
As your belly starts to fold over your pants
I can't quite get it yet
Not quite there, maybe in a month
But, this is what we call a 'Muffin Top'
When it folds over like a muffin might when you bake it
Well, I hope you've had some fun learning those slang terms
Here's a good ol' list of them right here
Don't worry, next week I'll be talking about various
different slang terms for muscles and stretches
that you might be seeing in videos, so you can understand them
and get into shape
Alright, that's all for now
See ya later!
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What is a Beer Belly? (Different ways to talk about body fat)

136 Folder Collection
ShakesBeer published on April 6, 2020
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