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  • Mr Post its aura.

  • That's what people he says.

  • Mr.

  • Abbott, speak so aye, Denis.

  • And okay, soon who you stay.

  • I'm looking tired and feeling quite sick Mess in my day So I quickly opened Watcher jeans.

  • Sure, that seems clean.

  • Don't wait a bearable shoes that were ripped around.

  • See shoes Just don't suit me Never I'm seeing sizes are rubbing my eyes But I have stuff from Smythe Sweets running late I don't need an excuse wearing brand new shoes.

  • No matter T yeah e Oh, you You run the whole night.

  • Well, you can cry me a river Cry me a river river You say you're sorry?

  • Wait me out of my way, don't you?

  • Well, just prove that you do.

  • You could look who you look like And yours Very special.

  • I wish, Huh?

  • Setting off.

  • It's time to go.

  • The engine's running, Mum Minors, Laws Way Always knew this day Now you're breaking up.

  • You're on your own.

  • So to take I need an hour just to say hello.

  • But I can't the truth of this work out for you being way Pennies in your way barely get a second.

  • Just street.

  • We'll go to Scotts this time.

  • But wait, I can't go with you.

  • No, I can go in you anymore.

  • Really?

  • Got a way?

  • No way.

  • I was getting China used to wear Wait.

  • Oh, my God.

  • Down.

  • And then you pull the I was getting China used to read one day.

  • Wait.

  • I was getting Johnny used to be Wait.

  • Very.

  • Let's go.

Mr Post its aura.

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