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  • staggering economic toll for families across this country.

  • As we reported here last week, 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits.

  • This week, the toll could be even higher.

  • We will learn that in the coming hours tonight.

  • Here, the laid off workers on the line for days, trying to get unemployment.

  • And, of course, that question about stimulus checks.

  • Do you need to apply, or will they come automatically?

  • ABC Is Rebecca Jarvis getting answers for you tonight?

  • We're hearing it from laid off workers across the country.

  • This layoff completely changes our way of living.

  • My bills are coming in.

  • They don't care.

  • I'm just praying for everybody.

  • With at least 45 states now on lock down, layoffs are surging and the phone lines and Web sites to apply for unemployment insurance are jammed.

  • Jose Vera in Florida just lost his job as a graphic designer, and it keeps crashing, and I tried calling and the calls drop.

  • The ST Louis Fed predicts the number of unemployed could reach a staggering 47 million Americans, temporarily sending the unemployment rate above 32% 3 times the worst of the great recession.

  • A daunting reality for Ashley Patterson on out ofwork bartender in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

  • I'm five months pregnant and we have a five year old daughter.

  • Ashley's husband, Justin, wounded in a helicopter crash while serving in Iraq.

  • But after their story ran Monday on ABC, is 2020.

  • Have at least three bills do, as of right now, a giant outpouring of support strangers offering to chip in her bus.

  • Jim Jones setting up a go fund me that has raised nearly $6000.

  • And David, you do have to apply for unemployment insurance.

  • The states are working to improve that experience, but you do not have to apply for those $1200 stimulus checks.

  • Those should be directly deposited into your bank account, assuming you filed your taxes in 2018.

  • David Rebecca.

  • I know you'll stay on all this for us.

  • Thank you.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos Here.

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staggering economic toll for families across this country.

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