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  • Hey guys Salut

  • I just wanted to do a super quick

  • Update about the

  • Omelette situation, Jacques

  • I am so thankful for your reaction video

  • I am really glad you liked the omelette

  • And I even saw, you know that little

  • Cheeky chicken challenge at the end but

  • Unfortunately, I cannot accept it

  • No believe me, it's not that I don't want to

  • It's just that it's different from making an omelette, so

  • So you see a while ago I did a video

  • On how to break down a whole chicken, but if I got it right

  • This is not what you're asking for

  • Oh no, you want a full chicken

  • Debone, which is like next level in terms of French

  • Classic technique

  • You see that process

  • Is very tricky, it involves like

  • Lots of different steps, very precise. I don't have time to learn all this

  • I got a whole series to shoot

  • Well

  • I guess at some point you are just old enough to accept

  • Who you are, what you can do and

  • What you can't do

  • Well I hope you won't be mad at me because

  • You truly are an inspiration for me

  • And regarding all the comments we got

  • On this video, you are inspiration to many, many others

  • Until then, bye-bye. Salut

Hey guys Salut

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