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  • when you're on your own, you put yourself out there, you're taking that risk.

  • You're also being one notable that really had to discover something about yourself.

  • Someone No, I'm 11.

  • Eat local guide.

  • I'm passionate about traveling.

  • I want to inspire more women to travel by leaving reviews.

  • I'm a bank, loading it heart.

  • I've been born and brought up yours.

  • I love my city.

  • Coming from a background of having overprotective parent, it's difficult for your daughter to tell the pens that you don't go on a solo as a woman traveler.

  • Safety is one of the major concerns, and I researched about the country, and Norway is one of the safest countries for a woman to travel solo, seeing nature in its glory.

  • That was one of the best moments of my life.

  • After two solo trips, I decided this is something that I wanted to experience more often.

  • I quit my job, and it's one of the best decisions that I've taken in life learning about new cultures, experiencing that it makes you a better human being, and you want to inspire more people to do that because if I can do it, I think any woman can do it.

  • I am a local guy because I love to help people, and this forum gives me an opportunity to do so.

  • Let's say that I've visited a place and it was very safe for a woman to travel.

  • I want include that in my review so that another woman wants toe go to that place.

  • She would feel safe.

  • Reviews written by other Google local guides has helped me extremely, so I want to pay back, leaving a review off my own so that it can help somebody else.

  • It's like being forward.

  • I would say I feel extremely grateful when I travel sense of gratitude that I think that I'm able to experience these things in life.

  • I discovered that I was extremely just Indians.

  • Andi.

  • I could face any challenge.

when you're on your own, you put yourself out there, you're taking that risk.

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