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  • now having seen her adopted child regenerate her body.

  • Tech Tae Joon, scientist on Explorer at a new landscape to explore.

  • She dedicated her life to studying her child.

  • Detailed every fragment of genetic material.

  • Took a year's several off the child's re generations.

  • Tector, you grew older.

  • A desire to understand became an obsession.

  • She worked tirelessly, endlessly, furiously.

  • She had to crack this code to understand regeneration.

  • And finally she did.

  • And to prove itself right, she took the ultimate risk.

  • Tested the theory on herself, put her own life on the line, spliced into herself the genetic ability to regenerate.

  • I didn't know any of this.

  • Did you know any of this?

  • Nannies?

  • The planet of Gallifrey.

  • Bogans grew knowledge and ability.

  • They build themselves.

  • They discovered the ability to travel through time.

  • Miss one space with tech tell you they became a self appointed ruling and tech Tain proposed that gene supplies thehe bility to regenerate into future generations of citadel dwellers.

  • It would become the genetic inheritance of them and their descendants.

  • But he would restrict the regenerative process to a maximum of 12 times times.

  • Child became the base genetic code for a LL gala frames within the Citadel civilization, which we named themselves Characteristic pomposity.

  • Time become the fund.

  • The rest, as they say, is history.

  • What happened to the child?

  • What?

  • What's so funny?

  • What happened to the child?

  • Oh, doctor.

  • Really having you wear this?

  • So Yeah, the child is you.

  • You are the timeless child.

  • Yeah.

  • I don't know.

  • You always have me.

now having seen her adopted child regenerate her body.

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