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  • organizing Mind Valley Live events across the world.

  • Events in L.

  • A and San Diego have attracted thousands of people and many of the world's top speakers.

  • And now we wanted to pick a location a little more extorting a location that every human being on this planet should visit.

  • At one point in their lives, it's Istanbul, Turkey.

  • I went there when I was 21 years old, one of the most magical cities in the world.

  • I'm here with Kristina Master hold founder off Mine Valley Guys, I really hope you join us in this jungle and we're gonna be bringing mind body life to Istanbul in both Russian and English.

  • We're uniting two different groups of the mind body community across the planet in this one magical city.

  • What we're gonna do here, it's not just bring together some really extraordinary teachers, but we're gonna explore the theme for thinking big.

  • It's about looking at the goals you have been figuring out how canoe up level to the level off boldness.

  • It's about expanding goals in your life.

  • Doctor once told me, It's not about are you worthy off your goals, But are your goals worthy off you.

  • And this event is about having to look at the balls you have for your life and magnifying them and then discovering what you have inside you to play even bigger in the world.

  • And we're so excited about the teachers that we're going to be bringing.

  • For example, Marissa, Here's Mine valleys.

  • Legendary rapid transformational therapy expert Marisa has reigned over 100,000 people on the mind body platform.

  • She is a master of our craft.

  • A second teacher is a guy who needs no introduction.

  • Every head meets the creator, wild fit and one of the most dynamic and engaging on entrepreneurs I've ever met.

  • He also bringing to you some speakers that you might have heard before.

  • But they're really amazing.

  • For example, Pete, he's a serial entrepreneur and an instant celebrities of what he's things for is that he's created the biggest business movement in Russian language business use.

  • They have sold more than four million young startups and then the news over the parks.

  • Eight year.

  • Another amazing person is Marcos, another serial entrepreneur on also thought leader in personal transformation movement in Turkey, And finally, keep in mind that Mine Valley live events are not about just sitting in a seat and listening to a speaker.

  • It's rooted in transformation and community.

  • You are going to be guided through an approach that allows you to actually go through and Colonel Transformation and the people who show up these people, you're gonna want to stay connected to life.

  • Because of mine.

  • Valley events tend to attract a really unique, wonderful special type of individual.

  • So can't wait to see you in Istanbul if you're looking to travel this year, if you want an adventure, rather than just go to the city and be a regular tourist, why did you come to a city, explore transformed, experience the culture friends and go to a remarkable transformation that will ship your worldview for, like, see you in Istanbul?

organizing Mind Valley Live events across the world.

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