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  • goats are taking over roaming the deserted streets.

  • Now that the humans in this town and whales air following orders to stay home, there's no one to shoo them away.

  • It's a phenomenon we're seeing all over the world.

  • That's a civet crossing on Main Road in India.

  • Can you believe wild pigs on the streets of Paris?

  • And this bear is checking out a deserted neighborhood in Monrovia, California In Thailand, screaming monkeys swarm on major intersection.

  • The tourists have disappeared and the primates have taken over.

  • Talk about Planet of the Apes.

  • There's less and less people out in the streets and wildlife are noticing.

  • David.

  • Mrs Uschi is a spokesperson for the National Wildlife Federation.

  • They're looking for sources of food and shelter and water, and just it's natural behavior for most species to kind of explore in their search.

  • For those things, it's getting disgusting.

  • In hard hit New Orleans, where rats have replaced the revelers on Bourbon Street in Chile, this man in Vancouver was so brazen he leapt over a 10 foot tall security wall.

  • Our cities and towns and neighborhoods used to be wildlife habitat until we push them out, and so they're just exploring places where they probably haven't been able to go in generations.

goats are taking over roaming the deserted streets.

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