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  • What is your favorite toy?

  • L a lives And they come in circle Contain us?

  • My glower Flying American girl dolls My stuffed animal blankie, My phone slime, My sketchbook.

  • Probably my phone spot it my phone, my piano Falling my phone.

  • Probably a yo yo, A computer.

  • My sewing machine.

  • My camera.

  • Oh, I don't think I could get my laptop.

  • I have to say, my cell phone my poker chips on my vibrator.

  • My Google home.

  • I like to ask it questions while I'm on the toilet.

  • Apple Watch Prime my phone.

  • E have a strong weakness for candy Crush Saga.

  • A strong addiction.

  • I'm saying it out loud.

  • My car, my car, my smartphone, My laptop, uh, Nintendo Nintendo Switch.

  • I'm obsessed with baby shark at the moment because I have nieces and nephews and they keep singing it.

  • So a baby shark already kinds my car a Frisbee.

  • I have a key tar.

  • I like my Bluetooth speaker.

  • My phone.

  • The just dance gain.

  • Do we?

  • That's my favorite.

  • Too early.

  • My smartphone.

  • The Tendo playing Mariel with my son.

  • My phone.

  • I have a small Ms Pac Man gain that I play every morning when I goto work Apple TV.

  • I can't say that on camera three D printer.

  • My cellphone vibrator just kicked.

  • I used in a Triscuit multi room DVR, my apple watch rolling massage ball that I use after parties.

  • I don't think it's appropriate for this interview in my new favorite toy is makeup fidget Spinner.

  • My favorite toys.

  • My husband, My car, My five speed Honda.

  • My man.

  • Alexa, I'm gonna have to say my cell phone.

  • My laptop.

  • I have this little looks like a silver disc, but when you spin at a rainbow, hologram comes up.

  • Stress ball crossword puzzle.

  • Probably my iPhone metal balls.

  • I used for my act varieties.

  • A computer of my piano.

  • No, I don't play with toys, although I still have them like a doll.

  • House bubbles my jewelry making kit.

What is your favorite toy?

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