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  • This clever coffee table achieves the perfect balance between natural and industrial.

  • This project was an instant hit with our Creative Ideas team and I can't wait to show you how

  • to make it.

  • Start by prepping your pipes with some TSP. I've already cleaned these up and I'm going

  • to lay them out according to the detailed directions to create the leg braces for the table.

  • You can see each brace is basically 2 h-shapes,

  • connected by a span of pipe. Start by screwing

  • the caps onto the 8-inch pipes. Attach two of these pipes to a T. This is a T,

  • and attach 2 of them to a cross - this is a cross. Then use what's called a 'close' to connect the

  • T to the Cross, but don't tighten it down completely. That's your H.

  • Build both sides, then lay them on a flat surface, and connect them using a 12-inch

  • pipe. Tighten down the connections to the center pipe really well. I love that this

  • project uses really minimal tools.

  • You need the braces to balance evenly in the end-- so take a quick measurement of the distance

  • between the legs of each H. If you need to, you can make small adjustments by 'spinning'

  • the pipes like this, tightening or loosening until the measurements match.

  • Now you can move on to making the tabletop. You're going two make 'notches' in each end

  • for the leg braces, and here's an easy way to do it. Mark the two hole locations using

  • the detailed directions then, with your tabletop on a piece of scrap, and clamped, drill the

  • holes. Using a square, draw two lines parallel to each hole, just kind of kiss the square

  • right up to the edge of the circle, and extend the lines down to the edge of the board.

  • When you jigsaw along those straight lines- you get a notch. Choose the finishes you want

  • for your pipes and your wood. Go to to check out the finishes we came up with--

  • and you're ready to assemble. This is the real genius to this project, the way it balances.

  • Start by sliding the cross-bar of one of the H's into a notch on the tabletop, the lower

  • end of the leg brace will angle in. Add the second brace on the other end the same way.

  • A second set of hands makes this much easier to do - you can see how the pipes kind of

  • grip the tabletop....then position the lower shelves in between the pipes.

  • A great project to bring balance to almost any space.

This clever coffee table achieves the perfect balance between natural and industrial.

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